The Gift of Pumpkin Muffins

P1230669Just thought I would share my little story of a miracle that took place over 6 muffins.

I was doing my devotions, and remembered the challenge you put out about making muffins to give away.

I knew that my neighbour was having to move in the next day or two and there were trucks with trailers pulling in so I assumed they would be to pack up his belongings. God said, “Make muffins for him and those who are helping today.” Something in my heart, had peace about it, but the logical side of me was freaking out. I was thinking of all the millions of other things I could be doing besides making him muffins. But I went with the peace, and left the millions of other things to do in the Lords hands.

I had not taken pumpkin from the church or the recipe, but I had pumpkin in my freezer and looked up a recipe on line.


Made the muffins, a couple hours later before the muffins cooled completely I delivered 6 muffins to my neighbour. You see for the past 11 years our relationship with this neighbour has been an unkind, and a difficult one, to the point of almost being afraid of him.

So I go to his front door, which is open, because of the moving in and out of boxes. He comes towards the door with his phone in hand, pushes the off button says,” hi” He always has an angry look about him. He puts the phone down. I say, “ I just wanted to wish you well.” He takes the muffins from me and puts them down, continues to tell me that he was thinking of doing the same, by bringing over some carrots. Then he says I have something to say, “Your cat really made me angry!” Ok, I was feeling a little scared, waiting to get ripped into one final last time. (the cat he spoke of passed away over 5 years ago)

“Yes, I know.” Staying neutral as I had peace remember.(God given peace)

He continues, “But, I didn’t handle it very well. I over reacted. (my mouth drops open a little I think at this time) Then he looks me right in the eye and says, “Will you please forgive me? I am really sorry. I messed up a lot of things in my life, I’m really sorry.” A lump forms in my throat and I said yes and he hugs me.

We exchanged a few more words, and I wished him well and God’s blessings and left on a hand shake. This all took place in less than a three minute span.

He has always attended a evangelical church, but God did a miracle in his heart. He is in his 70’s, so it is never too late!!

When I shared this with my husband, he was speechless. When I shared this miracle of God with my other neighbour who thought I was a little crazy for making him muffins, and knows about his lack of love, she could not believe it either. This was definitely an act of God.

6 muffins, brought closure to 11 years of unpleasantness. Thanks for the challenge.

Next challenge to love on my new neighbours!

Thanks for the challenge, and listening to God’s instruction for our church. All your chopping of those pumpkins was worth it.

Bless you.

PS: I want to see more of God’s working like this. It makes life worth living.

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