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Identity Theft Part 4

“Hello, My Name Is. . .” This is a phrase we share every day.  But for too many of us, we don’t really know our true name, our real identity.  And we will never know “who” we are until we discover “whose” we are. As Pastor Mike concludes this four part series, “Identity Theft”, we […]

Identity Theft – Part 3

We continue with our series, “Identity Theft”, digging deep into who we really are in God’s eyes.  So grateful to have our friend and missions partner, Errol Martens, open God’s Word with us today.  Errol has been a faithful servant for 30 plus years, most recently in a ministry called “Pain of the Heart” to […]

Identity Theft – Part 2

We live in a generation that is unsure of their real identity.  The truth is what matters most is not who people say you are, not what society says you are, but what God says you are.  And you will never discover who you really are until you realize “whose” you are! We dig deeper […]

Identity Theft – Part 1

Chances are you’re heard of Identity Theft.  It’s the fastest growing crime in North America.  Every minute about 19 people fall victim to identity theft. But there is a more damaging, far more dangerous, far more costly form of identity theft we want to begin talking about today.  Spiritual Identity Theft occurs when someone tries […]