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Mike Penninga

Mike Penninga

Mike Penninga is first a foremost a son of God, a husband of Michelle, a father of 3, and a pretty good tennis player. A grad of Trinity Western University and ACTS seminary with a background in broadcast journalism, Mike has a passion for sharing the life changing news of Jesus Christ in understandable and captivating ways. He has been the lead pastor at KGF since March 2009.

Just a reminder to our "parent" friends in Kelowna, this is happening @ KGF Tuesday February 21st, 7pm, and we couldn't recommend it higher. If you have kids in elementary / middle / high school, or even if you want to understand better the environment our kids are growing up in, then please join many others that night @ KGF, corner of Gordon & Casorso. Thanks Sid Koop for always sharing the good stuff that we need to know!  Join the Facebook event here - 

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Mountain Top Experience?”  We define a mountain top experience as something extra ordinary, extra special, that impacts us at a deep level.

But sometimes mountain top experiences can get a bad rap because they are somehow perceived to be “not real”.  People say you can’t live there. . . and that’s true, but I believe life on the mountain changes you in the valley.  Once you’ve seen life from that perspective, it changes everything that comes afterwards.

Throughout the Bible, God used mountain top to profoundly shape people.  In Part 10 of our series in the Gospel of Mark, “Jesus the King”, Pastor Mike draws our attention to a mountain top moment that would forever change those present, and us if we let it!

What does it look like for you to be "BRAVE"?  This 60 second video shares some of the reflections from women at KGF, in advance of our 2017 retreat @ Gardom Lake Bible Camp on the same theme, "BRAVE".  Mark your calendars for this amazing weekend, May 5-7.  Stay tuned for registration information.  

Thursday, 16 February 2017 20:54

Thank You Cards for the Men of Freedom's Door

We love the partnership between KGF and the work of Freedom's Door, helping men find freedom from addictions.  Recently our Children's Ministries Team arranged to have our KGF kids write personal notes of encouragement to all of the men & volunteers at Freedom's Door.  The impact was beautiful, as you'll see in this one minute video.  Find out more online,

You know what’s safe?   Gathering public opinion.  You know what’s dangerous? Going out on a limb with your personal conviction.

Jesus’ first question was easy. “Who do people say I am?”  His second question was personal. . . . “Who do you say I am?”

Truth is, He has just presented you with life’s most important question. 

Here’s Pastor Mike with Part 9 of our series, “Jesus the King”, from the turning point chapter of the the Gospel of Mark. 

Strides to End Homelessness is a fun, family friendly, fundraising 5k walk or 10k run. Join us on Saturday, March 4 at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission as we walk with those we serve and, together, we will take Strides to End Homelessness.

Why walk? - Kelowna’s Gospel Mission takes care of the hurting, homeless and people in need in our community. They provide service to all with a servant’s heart – being the hands of Jesus. KGM is a 100 bed emergency shelter that also provides, at no cost, anyone in need 3 meals per day, showers, clothing, laundry services, haircuts, chiropractic care, dental care, bible study, prayer, recovery programs, help with accessing services such as housing, mental health care, outreach, transitional storage and more.

Many people in our congregation have volunteered at the shelter – a mission at home – and can see that KGM brings hope and changes lives. Through their case-work they have found 250 homes for people who were homeless. This is our opportunity to raise funds to support the homeless and hurting in our community. The walk takes place at 259 Leon. Registration is at 3 p.m. with the walk/run at 4 p.m. There are many guests of KGM who will be taking part in this walk so let’s show them we care and walk with them.

Find out more & register to be a part by clicking here:

Join the KGF Striders team by clicking here:

"Jesus makes it abundantly clear that the unclean person is not your enemy." Pastor Levi invites us to reflect on who we have pushed to the margins, when Jesus invites to the table.

Part of a larger message found online here  

We are having a fun event this February designed for you to meet other people, enjoy a great meal, and build relationships with the KGF Church Family. It's called "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" and it takes place Friday February 24th, 6pm in homes across the city.

Here's where you come in. We are inviting you to Host or Attend one of these dinners.

If you decide to HOST:

▪ You will provide the main meal and beverages for your guests. They will bring either a side, dessert or salad.

▪ You will receive a list of any food restrictions your guests may have along with the number of guests you should expect at your home.

▪ Be ready for your guests to arrive promptly at 6:00 pm on Friday, February 24.

If you decide to be a GUEST:

▪ Your host will provide the main meal while you bring a side, salad or dessert ( you will be notified what to bring).

▪ You will receive an email with a list of any food restrictions your hosts or other guests might have.

▪ One week prior to the Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner Event, you will be notified of the host’s address.

▪ Plan to arrive at your host’s home promptly at 6:00 pm on Friday, February 24.

Click here to sign up for this event as Host or Attender.

Questions? Email [email protected]

Do you find yourself focusing on what you don't have as opposed to what you do have? Sometimes we short change what God wants to do in us and through us because we think what we have is insignificant compared to others. Here's Pastor Mike with 60 seconds from the message, "It's In Your Hands".

Watch the full message online here -   

What if what God wants to do through you begins with what He wants to do in you?  We find ourselves face to face with the only miracle (besides Jesus' resurrection itself) that is recorded in all four Gospels.  Why is the feeding of the 5,000 so important?  What does it teach about Jesus, and us?  Here's Pastor Mike Penninga with Part 7 of our series, "Jesus the King" in the Gospel of Mark.  

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