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Mike Penninga

Mike Penninga

Mike Penninga is first a foremost a son of God, a husband of Michelle, a father of 3, and a pretty good tennis player. A grad of Trinity Western University and ACTS seminary with a background in broadcast journalism, Mike has a passion for sharing the life changing news of Jesus Christ in understandable and captivating ways. He has been the lead pastor at KGF since March 2009.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 20:49

Why "You Are Loved" Is So Important

"You Are Loved". These three words have shaped Pastor Mike and the KGF Church Family in a deep and lasting way. In this 90 second clip from the message "GREATEST: First Things First", Pastor Mike shares the story behind this phrase, and how it has become engrained at the core of God's story for us. Watch / Listen / Download the full message online here 

Saturday, 22 October 2016 22:23

GREATEST Part 1: First Things First

Jesus boiled all of life down to two keys - love God and love others. Simple, right? Perhaps easier said than done.

Join Pastor Mike Penninga for a brand new KGF series, "GREATEST".  We begin with "First Things First", and the critical importance of first coming to grips with God's love for you before you try loving Him and others.   


Thursday, 13 October 2016 19:49

Time for Baptism? Join us to Find Out More!

Several times a year we invite people to take the step of Baptism & Belonging through Membership at KGF.  Our next date for that is Sunday November 20th, and the classes with Pastor Levi begin Sunday October 23rd, noon - 1pm @ KGF.  If you haven't been baptized or joined the KGF Church Family through Membership, we'd encourage you to consider this step and join us October 23rd. 

Here's a beautiful 60 second montage of some recent baptisms.  Email or to find out more.  

13 bathrooms in 5 homes have been renovated at Freedom's Door, thanks to the generous donation of time, talents, and treasures from the KGF family and the Kelowna community. Here's what they look like, and reflections from those who have been pulling all the pieces together.

Much more online, 

8 words that can truly change every situation. Three phrases from the lips of Jesus that have the power to change your circumstance. Here's 70 seconds with Pastor Mike from the message, "Pivotal Circumstances". Full message online 

They were teenagers when they met, and knew that their paths would converge in marriage.  But before that happened, Cathie got pregnant, and it led to a decision they never thought they would have to make.  Here's their story, part of our Thanksgiving Weekend Services @ KGF.  

Every one of us could tell a story of a pivotal circumstance in our life that God has used to shape us.   Key moments. Key experiences.  Key failures.  Key successes.  God molds us through these moments.  And when we look back, it seems that we are molded more through trouble than triumph.  Because it’s then that God seems to have our attention. 

In part 4 of our series, “Molded”, Pastor Mike takes us out on a lake in the middle of the night and into a boat that is being buffeted by the waves.  But what comes out the other side will change the individuals forever.  

Pastor Mike introduces his 7 year old son Nate, a huge soccer fan, as they talk about the difference between "talking" about soccer and "playing" soccer.  The implications for our faith are pretty important.  Here's a 2 1/2 minute clip from the larger message "Getting In The Game", Part 2 of our message series, "Molded: 5 Ways God Shapes Us". 

Full message online here -

Teenagers often don't get the credit they deserve as genuine seekers of God who can grasp and respond to His grace. Here, Parker Kent talks about the impact of the weekend Connect Camp @ Gardom Lake, which he attended with the KGF Senior High Youth Group. If you're Grade 6 - Grade 12, we'd love you to join our amazing Youth Ministry (Tuesday Nights) as we follow Jesus together at KGF. 

Are you in the game, or content to cheer from the sidelines?  Do you know that the people God shapes most are those who understand the meaning of ministry, serving others to the glory of God?

In week 2 of our 5 week series, 'Molded', Pastor Mike helps us become incredibly practical with these two questions. 

1.  What gift has God given you?

2.  What are you doing with that gift for His glory?


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