KGF Youth Fintry Falls Hike

Annual Board and Staff Beach Party

Every summer Board and staff gather for a beach party – sharing and enjoying each other in the great outdoors. We spent an evening this week at Rotary Beach.

Youth Hike Scenic Canyon Park

Gallery from Gardom Lake Staff training Day

Grads and Dads

Grad is such a momentous occasion for any teenager, and this year at KGF we had around a dozen grade 12’s finishing up high school—our biggest grad class to date! June 17th was the day we celebrated as a church family this transition, what we like to call “Grads & Dads” service, for yes, it was Father’s Day as well. From baptisms to hearing who the grads are and where they are going, to a message about “Climbing the Matterhorn,” we commissioned our grads out into the world, and encouraged fathers to spend time with their children and let them fall and be there to help them grow in resilience. Afterwards, there was a special table in the centre of the HUB, replete with massive grad balloons, where our church family was able to meet the grads personally. How great to see people of all ages coming to the grads and encouraging them as they leap into the adult world. Truly we are an intergenerational church!

As we move on from this Sunday may we all remember the encouragement from the message, taken from the Book of Job. That we all need fellow climbers along the heights of life, for sometimes the slopes will be steep and it will be the gift of friendship that God uses to hold us up and help us onwards.

Finally, we honoured Jessica Smith, a youth leader that has just finished her TENTH year of shepherding teens at KGF! That’s a decade in the trenches of adolescence! Thank you Lord for her faithful service.”

Pastor Marcus.

Grad BBQ Blessing

“There are some moments in your life you NEVER forget…the KGFYouth “Blessing BBQ” is one of those kinds of moments. Every year we gather our grade 12 grads, their families, and our senior high youth leaders, and provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to publicly bless their teens with words. This year, June 24th, we made our way to the Ken & Monica Ewert’s backyard, up upon the side of Kettle Valley, overlooking the beauty of Lake Okanagan. And there we feasted on a wonderful spread of pulled pork and sumptuous deserts. Following the bbq, one by one, each grad sat in a chair and was blessed. This never gets old. It is truly one of the highlights of the youth year. It was holy ground, as parents, who have spent 18 years nurturing and sacrificing for and guiding, now try to put into human words their love for their teens and the bright future they see for them.

I believe the words shared this day have been etched upon the souls of these teens for good, and in those times of trial, they will remember their parents’ faith in them. They will remember the Scriptures read over them and the love of the Father behind everything. Special thanks to the Ewerts for hosting and Shannon Ferch for helping oversee this event. Such a meaningful and moving culmination of the year!

Pastor Marcus.”

Family Sunday in Photos

What an amazing day we had together celebrating family at KGF. These are a few of the photos that capture the morning.

Youth Camp Photos

Women’s Delight Retreat

Testimonies from DELIGHT

and photo link


I came home this last weekend from my time away feeling so blessed and filled with joy. With a busy life at home, I left last Friday- retreat bound –  needing to let go, recharge and truly experience the delight that God wants for us but ended up being completely blown away. Along with delighting in life with women, time with God, and in late night laughter and fun, God also showed me just how much he delights IN ME. Our speaker, Heidi Mclaughlin, set the stage for understanding the true meaning of Delight. I am so thankful for all the women there and for the others who shared the vision for the weekend. Can’t wait for next year!

Lindsay N.

The women’s retreat was so much more than I expected. The accommodations were actually quite nice for a camp, and the food was out of this world. (Eggs Benedict for breakfast the first day, are you kidding me?!) So much love and prayer went into the planning and it was evident. The atmosphere was so welcoming and everyone was so happy to be there. I connected with God in in so many ways; the prayer walk was revealing, the worship was glorifying, and the message Heidi brought was inspired. I will be back for sure next year and I would strongly encourage anyone else who is considering it to make the commitment.

Becca Hendricks

     I’ve always looked forward to these weekends away. A chance to unplug and connect with women, not technology. I loved hearing their stories, their struggles, and their journey of faith. This retreat was so well organized from beginning to end and the food was amazing. It was the perfect venue for worship, socializing, and to listen to God while being immersed in His beautiful creation. This weekend recharged me in every way and I’m so thankful to the incredible lead team for making this retreat happen!

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