Time Part 4

July 7 2019 Message

KGF Livestream Sundays

Welcome to KGF church and thanks for joining us! We stream live all summer at 10am every Sunday. You can watch in full HD at kgfchurch.com or right here on Facebook.

Posted by Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church on Sunday, 7 July 2019

May 12 2019 Message

What Are Your Non-Negotiables? Wednesday 180 with Jeff Michaud

Have you ever sat down to think of what your “non-negotiables” are?  In today’s Wednesday 180, KGF’s Jeff Michaud unpacks that question in his own life, and challenges us to do the same.

More online here – https://wednesday180.com/ 

Forgiveness, Freedom and a Way Forward: Wednesday 180 with Jeff Michaud

What happens when we live in guilt and shame as opposed to forgiveness and freedom? That’s what Jeff Michaud unpacks in today’s Wednesday 180. More online, www.wednesday180.com

What Am I Missing? The Wednesday 180 with Jeff Michaud

“I saw what was wrong with the kid. She paused long enough to ask what he needed.” Where in life do you miss the big picture because you don’t care to ask the story? Here’s Jeff Michaud with the latest Wednesday 180. Sign up for weekly emails & more online, www.wednesday180.com

Thankfulness Changes Us – The Wednesday 180 with Jeff Michaud

What happens when a 9 year old wants a puppy but it simply can’t happen? In today’s Wednesday 180 with Jeff Michaud, we hear about the peace that comes from God when we let thankfulness for what we have take first priority in our lives. More online, www.wednesday180.com

What’s Shaping Your Identity? The Wednesday 180 with Jeff Michaud

Identity is everything.  How we see ourselves impacts so much.  In today’s Wednesday 180, Jeff Michaud asks the question about what we are looking to to determine who we are.  More online, https://wednesday180.com/

Does Prayer Matter? The Wednesday 180 with Jeff Michaud

In today’s Wednesday 180, our friend Jeff Michaud takes a look at how we approach prayer. Do we actually believe there is power that comes in opening our hearts to God in prayer? This 3 minute video devotional is designed to prop up your midweek journey.

Men, check out an exciting Wednesday night gathering just for you, 1717 Dehart Rd, 7:30 – 9:00pm for 4 weeks starting September 27. Email jeff@wednesday180.com for more details. Watch more videos online www.wednesday180.com  

What Do You Live For? 2 Minutes with Jeff Michaud

What do you live for? In today’s Wednesday 180 with KGF’s Jeff Michaud, we look at those things that have taken first place in our lives, and what we need to keep there. Check out this great website for new content each week, and sign up for the email right to your inbox! www.wednesday180.com