AE: After Easter Part 4 – Acts 2, “And So It Begins: Birth of the Church”

God in His perfect timing has led us to this text for my final sermon @ KGF.  After 9 years of listening to His voice and trying to walk out what He is saying to us as individuals and as a church family, we close with this amazing text: Acts 2, Pentecost, the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church.  What an appropriate and hope filled message to preach as KGF, and I, turn the chapter into a new season of life and ministry.  Thank you for the privilege of being your pastor these 9 years.  It has been the greatest pleasure and joy to follow Jesus together with you.  And I am so confident that the best is yet to come.  Shine bright for Jesus.  And never forget, You Are Loved!

Pastor Mike Penninga

The “Lost” Papers Are Found! The Story Behind Pastor Mike’s Dozen Master’s Papers

We are so excited to share 12 of Pastor Mike Penninga’s papers he wrote during a Masters of Arts Program in Christian Studies with a focus on Contemporary Apologetics.  These papers have been “missing” for the past year, but were uncovered today, so we are sharing them with you here.  We hope they will be helpful on your journey, or to pass along to others who have similar questions.  Know that God is deeper than your deeper questions, and He can handle your investigation.  In fact, He welcomes it.  So good.

Read / Download / Share the Papers here: 

You Need Rescue Not Climbing Instructions – 90 Seconds with Pastor Mike

Your greatest need is for rescue, not climbing instructions. Here’s Pastor Mike with a true story of a man who drove off a cliff along the California coastline, and what happened next. The Gospel says Jesus has come down to bring you to safety. Religion hands you a booklet on how to climb your way out.

Full message online

AE: After Easter Part 3 – Acts 1, “Power for a Purpose”

As KGF moves forward, it needs to go back. Back to the birth of the church.  Back to what happened AE: After Easter.  Back to what Jesus first invited us into.  Because sometimes we forget.  Sometimes we get cloudy.  If we’re not careful, we experience mission drift.  It happens in every organization, and the church is no exception.

In Part 3 of our series, AE: After Easter, Pastor Mike draws our attention to Jesus’ final words, 40 days after the resurrection, on the day he ascended to heaven.  We would do well to lean in close because these final words remind us that we aren’t alone, and that we are on mission.  Here’s the message, “Power for a Purpose”

AE: After Easter Part 2 – Doubting Thomas “What’s Your Unless?”

Certain people in the Bible have an unnecessarily bad nickname. One of Jesus’ 12 Disciples, Thomas, is one of them. We know him as Doubting Thomas because he wouldn’t believe Jesus had risen from the dead “unless” he saw him personally, touched his wounds. I think we should call him Honest Thomas, because really, Thomas expressed what we are all thinking. This can’t be true, can it?

In Part 2 of our series, “AE: After Easter”, Pastor Mike Penninga asks the question “What’s your ‘unless’? What’s that thing that you need answered before you will believe? Where does Jesus have to show up? What if the truth of Jesus stands above than the questions we carry?

“RISEN!” Easter Sunday 2018

“Don’t be alarmed. You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead! Mark 16:6

Welcome to Easter Sunday at KGF.  This is truly the pinnacle of our Christian faith, the promise fulfilled, the penalty has been paid, death has been defeated, the victory has been won, the tomb is empty, eternal life has come.  If there was ever a day to celebrate it is today.  Resurrection Sunday.  He is risen. . . He is risen indeed!

I find it somewhat ironic that this year Easter Sunday falls on April 1st, known as April Fool’s Day.  The last time that happened was 1956.  Is it foolish to put your faith in a man who claims to have defeated death?

May you be reminded that God has moved heaven and earth to provide a way for you to come home.  Easter really does change everything!

Pastor Mike Penninga

“The fatally wounded healer came back on Easter, the day that gives a sneak preview of how all history will look from the vantage point of eternity, when every scar, every hurt, every disappointment will be seen in a different light.  Our faith begins where it might have seemed to end.  Between the cross and the empty tomb hovers the promise of history: hope for the world, and hope for each one of us who lives in it.”  Philip Yancey, “The Jesus I Never Knew”



People At The Crossroads Part 7: Joseph of Arimathea “The Secret’s Out!”

We come to the end of our 7 week journey, “People At The Crossroads” by drawing our attention to a “secret follower”, who overcame fear of opposition to take a massive risk to honor Jesus by taking him down from the cross and giving him a proper burial.  Joseph of Arimathea is mentioned in all four Gospels by name, because of the love and care he showed Jesus after his crucifixion.  And in so doing, his “secret faith” became very public, and very powerful.

Here’s Pastor Mike Penninga

Download message notes here: People at the Crossroads Part 7 Message Joseph of Arimathea

People At The Crossroads Part 5: Centurion – Man or Messiah?

What would cause a hardened Roman Centurion to make the startling declaration from the foot of the cross that Jesus was indeed the Son of God?   There’s a hint in the text that says, “When he saw how Jesus died. . .”  Is it possible that Jesus died in such a way that his identity was revealed?

In Part 5 of our 7 part Easter series, “People At The Crossroads”, Pastor Mike Penninga brings us to the very centre of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf, his death on the cross.  And the first person to acknowledge the implication was one of the least likely: the Roman Centurion tasked with overseeing his death.

Download message manuscript here: People at the Crossroads Part 5 Message Centurion

People At The Crossroads Part 2: Peter – When Followers Fall

You don’t need to go very far back in your memory to think of a time where your faith took a fall. Where your confidence in Christ was questioned, when your allegiance was up for grabs. I’m not talking about the sins we wrestle with every day, but those big moments where we land flat on our face, and we feel ashamed and hopeless.   What happens when followers fall? Let’s look together at our friend Peter, in part 2 of our Easter series, “People At The Crossroads” with Pastor Mike Penninga

Download Message Manuscript here: People At The Crossroads Part 2 – Peter When A Follower Falls

“I Will Build My Church” Part 5 – A Church that Lives on Mission

What happens when a church forgets why it exists? What does it look like to have “mission-drift”, to move away from the whole purpose in the first place? In the 5th and final part of our series, “I Will Build My Church”, Pastor Mike Penninga brings us back to the fact Jesus calls us to a mission that is bigger than ourselves, that is beyond the walls of any building, and can impact eternity.