2018 Gingerbread Party

The always popular KGF Family Gingerbread Party is happening on November 25th at 2:00pm! Tickets are on sale now. Click below to book your tickets today.



Grad BBQ Blessing

“There are some moments in your life you NEVER forget…the KGFYouth “Blessing BBQ” is one of those kinds of moments. Every year we gather our grade 12 grads, their families, and our senior high youth leaders, and provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to publicly bless their teens with words. This year, June 24th, we made our way to the Ken & Monica Ewert’s backyard, up upon the side of Kettle Valley, overlooking the beauty of Lake Okanagan. And there we feasted on a wonderful spread of pulled pork and sumptuous deserts. Following the bbq, one by one, each grad sat in a chair and was blessed. This never gets old. It is truly one of the highlights of the youth year. It was holy ground, as parents, who have spent 18 years nurturing and sacrificing for and guiding, now try to put into human words their love for their teens and the bright future they see for them.

I believe the words shared this day have been etched upon the souls of these teens for good, and in those times of trial, they will remember their parents’ faith in them. They will remember the Scriptures read over them and the love of the Father behind everything. Special thanks to the Ewerts for hosting and Shannon Ferch for helping oversee this event. Such a meaningful and moving culmination of the year!

Pastor Marcus.”

Last chance to Purchase MCC Banquet tickets

This Tuesday, February 20, join us at Kelowna Gospel Fellowship to share a meal and explore what it means to live the gospel while working for relief, development and peace.

Since it began nearly a century ago, MCC has been an integral mission partner with a wide variety of Anabaptist churches in Canada and the U.S. Through MCC, those churches join with others around the globe to respond to disasters; work with local initiatives to provide food, work, health and education; and promote peace where conflict divides.

Come hear stories of hope and transformation from Ron Ratzlaff, former MCC Representative for Kenya; and enjoy live music from Calvin Dyck, Abbotsford’s own concert violinist who will be featured in an upcoming MCC benefit concert (you’ll have to come to the banquet to get details though!).

Tickets are $20 or $150 for a table of 8, and can be purchased at Starting Point today,  the MCC Thrift Shop,

and here at mccbc.ca/events.

Call 604-850-6639 for more information.

KGF Vision Surveys 2018

In the Bible, 40 years represented one generation. KGF has been located at the corner of Gordon & Casorso for 40 years (built in 1978) And the question is what might God want to do in our midst in this next generation?

We are beginning 2018 with a phrase that we feel summarizes God’s heart for this church family: “KGF exists to find creative ways to live in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40 – Love God & Love Others) and walk out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20 – Make Disciples who Make Disciples).” We have created four short surveys inviting your honest & thoughtful reflection to help us “listen forward into this new chapter at KGF.

Survey 1: Our first question digs into the first part of the Great Commandment. We’re thinking about: What does it really mean to follow Jesus’ command to “love the Lord your God with your whole heart, strength and mind”? How do you know if, when, and how that happens for you?

Survey 2: Our second question digs into the second part of the Great Commandment. As part of the Great Commandment, Jesus invites us to “love our neighbours as ourselves.” With this survey we’re going to explore who we’re currently connected with, and how we support each other in our existing networks.

Survey 3: This is the next step into the “neighbours” part of the Great Commandment. As part of the Great Commandment, Jesus invites us to “love our neighbours as ourselves.” But do we know what type of love and support our neighbours need? This week, we’re asking you to find somebody you might consider a neighbour — perhaps a colleague, a classmate, a friend, a neighbour — ideally someone who is not part of KGF. Take them out for coffee, and ask them a few questions.

Survey 4: Discipleship is a big word, but it really means our decision to follow Jesus, to be a student of, a disciple of, Jesus.  When we look at the Great Commission (Matthew 28), it’s important that we realize Jesus invitation is not just to make attenders, or believers, but disciples.  Survey 4 has a few reflection questions to help you think about this important journey for you personally.

We are inviting you to help us hear from God for the next chapter of KGF.

December 17, 2017 Bulletin

It’s important you know what’s happening in the life of the family at KGF. That’s why we publish a weekly bulletin, available Sunday in person, and by Thursday online.

Here’s the KGF December 17, 2017 bulletin

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Winter Registrations for Refresh Women’s Ministry starting now

The winter Refresh session is coming!…a ministry to refresh, nourish and nurture women in our community as we study God’s word together and seek to fulfill our church-wide vision of being Grounded in the Bible, Guided by the Spirit and Growing in Prayer.

We will be studying a book/DVD series by Lisa Harper, ‘Believing Jesus.’

You can sign up now at  Refresh Winter Registration Link  or on January 7th and 14th in the foyer at church.

The cost is $30 for Monday evenings or Wednesday mornings

Bulletin for October 29, 2017

It’s important that you know what’s happening in the life of the family at KGF. That’s why we publish a weekly bulletin, available Sunday in person, and by Thursday online.

Here’s the KGF    October 29, 2017.

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October 15, 2017 Bulletin

It’s important that you know what’s happening in the life of the family at KGF. That’s why we publish a weekly bulletin, available Sunday in person, and by Thursday online.

Here’s the Bulletin for October 15 2017

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Michelle O.

I’m a fairly new believer in Christ, and it’s been quite a journey getting here. I live at Harmony House and part of the program is regular attendance at a church.  I chose KGF because a few of the girls went there…. I instantly felt at home…. like I finally belonged somewhere. Everyone was so welcoming.  I took Alpha this past year and that is where I realized and was able to see that God has always been with me, at work in my life. He brought me out of the darkness and I haven’t looked back.

   The Lord is my light and salvation — whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life — of whom shall I be afraid?  Psalm 27:1 

3 Screens – 3 Scenes: Christmas Eve Message

Right next to the Sails in the very heart of our city you’ll see a life-size nativity display that the City has set up for years at that spot.  Whenever I drive or walk by this Christmas display, I have mixed emotions.

On one hand I am grateful that the Nativity Story is still allowed to be presented in the heart of our City. But on the other hand I wonder if people view it as just a story, kind of like the ones you read in fairy tale books.  With angels and shepherds and wise men and animals and Mary, Joseph, and a cute baby.  And maybe it’s a story that we just pull out once a year and enjoy as part of our Christmas traditions before going on to more important things.

But what if it’s more than a story.  That’s a phrase I’ve been wrestling with this Christmas, “More Than A Story”.  We believe that Christmas is indeed more than a story. It’s bigger than a manger and a stable and a moment in time.

Here’s Pastor Mike with our Christmas Eve message from the Kelowna Community Theatre.