Transition Update with Kevin and Levi

Praise Night Invitation

Youth & Converse 2018 Video

Take a look at the 2017/18 ministry year from KGF Youth and Converse.


Family Sunday Kids Story

Prayer Night June 3rd


This Sunday, June 3rd we have an opportunity to come together in Prayer as a church family. Join us at 7 pm as we focus our eyes on God, and pray for the needs of this church during this time of transition.

Baptism & Membership Invitation

You are invited to join Pastor Levi this Sunday for a Baptism and Membership class. Details in this 60 second video.


Baby Bottle Brigade

Sunday marked the beginning of the 2018 Baby Bottle Brigade! This event supports important programs at the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre. Pastor Levi explains more in this 2 minute video.


May 6th Board Update

In light of a new season we a church find ourselves in, the KGF board wanted to provide some updates on our next steps. In addition, the board wanted clarify some half truths or myths that have surfaced. In an effort to ensure transparency as we move forward, we have created a blog page dedicated to updates on the progress. You can watch the May 6th update here, and also view the blog at


Child Dedications April 29

The “Lost” Papers Are Found! The Story Behind Pastor Mike’s Dozen Master’s Papers

We are so excited to share 12 of Pastor Mike Penninga’s papers he wrote during a Masters of Arts Program in Christian Studies with a focus on Contemporary Apologetics.  These papers have been “missing” for the past year, but were uncovered today, so we are sharing them with you here.  We hope they will be helpful on your journey, or to pass along to others who have similar questions.  Know that God is deeper than your deeper questions, and He can handle your investigation.  In fact, He welcomes it.  So good.

Read / Download / Share the Papers here: