Baptism & Membership Invitation

You are invited to join Pastor Levi this Sunday for a Baptism and Membership class. Details in this 60 second video.


Baby Bottle Brigade

Sunday marked the beginning of the 2018 Baby Bottle Brigade! This event supports important programs at the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre. Pastor Levi explains more in this 2 minute video.


May 6th Board Update

In light of a new season we a church find ourselves in, the KGF board wanted to provide some updates on our next steps. In addition, the board wanted clarify some half truths or myths that have surfaced. In an effort to ensure transparency as we move forward, we have created a blog page dedicated to updates on the progress. You can watch the May 6th update here, and also view the blog at


Child Dedications April 29

The “Lost” Papers Are Found! The Story Behind Pastor Mike’s Dozen Master’s Papers

We are so excited to share 12 of Pastor Mike Penninga’s papers he wrote during a Masters of Arts Program in Christian Studies with a focus on Contemporary Apologetics.  These papers have been “missing” for the past year, but were uncovered today, so we are sharing them with you here.  We hope they will be helpful on your journey, or to pass along to others who have similar questions.  Know that God is deeper than your deeper questions, and He can handle your investigation.  In fact, He welcomes it.  So good.

Read / Download / Share the Papers here: 

You Need Rescue Not Climbing Instructions – 90 Seconds with Pastor Mike

Your greatest need is for rescue, not climbing instructions. Here’s Pastor Mike with a true story of a man who drove off a cliff along the California coastline, and what happened next. The Gospel says Jesus has come down to bring you to safety. Religion hands you a booklet on how to climb your way out.

Full message online

Addressing Spiritual Smokescreens – 3 Minutes with Pastor Mike

Sometimes people have genuine questions about faith that need to be answered for them to move forward.  Other times they like to set up spiritual smokescreens that keeps them from having to surrender.  In this clip from the larger message, “What’s Your Unless?” Pastor Mike reminds us that ultimately we can’t let smokescreens stand in the way of a genuine response to Jesus Christ.  Full message online here: 

“Weren’t Our Hearts Burning Within Us?” 75 Seconds with Pastor Mike

Have you ever felt a burning inside your heart only to discover later it was Jesus trying to get your attention? Here’s 75 seconds with Pastor Mike Penninga from the brand new series, “AE: After Easter”, and the incredible story of Jesus meeting two disillusioned disciples walking on the Road to Emmaus. Full message online

AE Series Promo – 90 Seconds with Pastor Mike about April @ KGF

Hard to believe that I only have four more Sundays at KGF before I finish my role as Lead Pastor at the end of April. Obviously this has been an emotional two weeks, but also a clarifying time. I am so excited to have four more sermons to share the most important stuff, that which really matters, that which I believe at the core of who I am. You may not even be a church person, but I’d love to have you join us for the journey of these four weeks, in person Sundays 9:00am and 10:45am or live online,

Here’s 90 seconds from Easter Sunday that looks ahead to a month of Pastor Mike “unfiltered but not unhinged”

“No Greater Love” Good Friday 2018 @ KGF with Marcel Morneau

We are pleased to be able to share video from our 2018 Good Friday dramatic presentation with Marcel Morneau as the Disciple Peter. “No Greater Love”. Friday March 30, 2018