Save the Dates!

September 6-8 

More details coming very soon

The most important meal of the day has just moved to a whole new level!

Brunchfast is a brunch-breakfast for youth.

Every Tuesday, 10 am to noon, Brunchfast will be served at KGF in the HUB

Deeper in Prayer

As a church we want to go deeper in prayer together.

If you would like prayer, please email

Please specify if your request can be shared with the prayer team or if you’d prefer it’s only sent to Pastoral staff

Week at a Glance

Tues. July 16

  • 10am – Youth Brunchfast (10-12pm)

Wed. July 17

  • 9:30 am – Mums & Munchkins – Come play, chat, and enjoy a bite-sized devotional
  • All Day – Gardom Lake Bible Camp: Collection Day for Treats – Staff blessing goodies can be dropped off at the office today for delivery on Friday

Thurs. July 18

  • 10 am – Women at Prayer – Women, come join us in prayer

Coming Soon

Tues. July 23

  • Youth Hike – Fintry Falls hike starting at noon after the Tuesday Brunchfast. Bring your swim suit

Wed. July 24

  • Table Games Night