Life Stories

There is power in stories of life transformation.  It's really what God is most interested in.  At KGF, we celebrate the work God is doing in each one of us, and hope that you will be encouraged and challenged in your own walk as you read, listen to and watch some stories from this church family.


Monday, 21 November 2016 13:47

Kelsey Chan

My journey in faith started when I was in middle school. My parents were non-believers so I was never exposed to how the love of God could change life so much. I met a friend that invited me to attend youth group with her on Thursday’s and it quickly became the highlight of my week. The feeling I was having confused and scared me since it was so different from my families teaching. When I reached high school distractions got in the way and I attempted to use logic to explain away the feelings I had before. I continued along with life, with this hole inside of me. I was always looking for something to fill it up, be it friends, boyfriends, activities… No matter what I did I never felt complete.

God intervened in my life at the time when I needed it most. I was just about to finish the nursing program and I felt entirely lost at what life was going to be like. It was Halloween of 2013 when God led me to a Halloween Party where I met Jeff, this event changed my life forever. Not only did God give me a loving partner but it was this man that led me back to faith permanently. Jeff attended KGF on Sundays when he could with his work schedule and I started to attend along with him. Now I cannot pinpoint when exactly it all changed for me, what the moment was when I  accepted God into my heart. However my heart started feeling lighter, stresses came my way and I found myself looking to God and knowing that everything was in His control.

John 6:35

Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

Kelsey Chan

Monday, 21 November 2016 13:44

Jeff Chan

My name is Jeffrey Chan and I'm a 25 year old registered nurse with Interior Health. I grew up in Richmond, BC and came to Kelowna when I finished high school for post secondary education.

Nobody in my family was religious growing up, but they were all somewhat spiritual to at least a small extent - I guess it would be more fair to call them 'agnostic'. They never used the word 'Jesus' specifically, but in Chinese, we have a term for the one greater god, which literally translates to 'King above the sky", and that's who we would refer to when praying.

My spiritual journey was often a wishy-washy path that I'd go on and off of depending on the time in my life, but it truly began in 2012 during a very dark time in my life. It started with a combination of situational crises and the loss of someone important, which sent me spiralling into a pit of hopelessness, despair, and depression. Coupled with chronic nightmares and insomnia, I came to the lowest point in my life where I questioned my own sanity.

During this time, I sought different forms of help in the community, but nothing seemed to be able to fill that void or give me relief for a long enough time to matter. I had some hobbies and pastimes that would offer me some temporary respite, but they were merely distractions from my reality. And although it was essential, it didn't allow me to truly begin my healing.

It wasn't until a friend introduced me to prayer, and suggested that I need more than just distractions to get through painful times. Several months of prayer, questioning my place in life, and mostly-healthy-coping skills later, I was introduced to KGF Church by a friend, and I was inspired by a sermon given by Pastor Mike and Pastor Jinger.

I continued coming to KGF and, over the course of several more months, I began to grow and heal. I wasn't even aware of the healing taking place until one day I noticed I was smiling again, surrounded by incredible and supportive friends, and in love with this girl that would one day eventually become my wife.

I just want to say to the people who are in that dark pit of hopelessness and despair that there really is no quick and easy fix - and that the only things that can truly fill that void that life left in your heart is time and to trust in the Lord's plans for you.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight."  ~Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, 17 November 2016 11:34


Although I was born in Vancouver, I arrived in Kelowna when I was four, and I have called it home for the main part of my life. I grew up on orchards and vineyards, so I feel deeply connected to Kelowna's farming history.

I knew I wanted to be teacher from a very young age, and planned on attending college right out of high school. Because French immersion became an important part of education around that time, my dad insisted that I learn French so I would be assured a job. So, I spent my next six years of education learning French by living in Quebec and getting a degree in French Literature in addition to my teaching degree.  

I moved back to my hometown of Kelowna and began teaching in the old KSS building in 1991. I meandered through a few schools, and even taught elementary for a couple of years while my two children, Tavisha (20) and Nico (19) were quite young. I have been settled in middle school since 2005, and spent the last ten at KLO Middle School. I pursued a counselling degree, and am now working through my first year as a school counsellor at Glenrosa Middle School, where I find constant opportunities to share Jesus' love, though seldom openly. This is the sad reality in our schools. I have always had a heavy burden for our youth, and feel that is my biggest and most enduring calling and one of our biggest challenges right now as a nation.

God has always had his hand on my life. Because I was from a Christian home, I accepted Jesus early on and was baptized at 12 years old in the old Evangel Tabernacle building on Bertram. I attended that church for my formative years, and my parents continue to call it home.  My path was not always straight in my teens, but God always found ways to keep me seeking Him. I know without a doubt that His hand has always been on my life, and that small, or even big miracles have occurred to respond to my doubts and concerns in the best way for me. I know the bible to be the true, living, powerful and enduring Word of God. 

I have joined this church to seek community, mentoring, opportunity to serve, accountability and a place to worship my God. I believe the faithful are being challenged greatly in this age, and I believe the Christian community needs to continue to persevere in His love and the knowledge of the gospel, so that we can be effective servants used to spread hope and love to our city and to the world.

I look forward to being a part of this community.

Thursday, 17 November 2016 11:33

Pearl and Ernie

Hello, let us introduce ourselves. Ernie and I grew up in Manitoba in Christian homes where the value of God first, and loving others through our actions and hospitality were basic.Ernie became a Christian as a child at his bedside with his mother, but it was only after we met, and he started to come to my church in Wpg that he decided to be baptized. As a child in Winnipeg, my parents taught the love of Jesus as well, and at age 9 (after some controversy in my very conservative church), I was baptized, much to my joy. That witness was the focal point for my growing up years that helped me focus on who was the center of my being.

Now Ernie and I have lived and loved together for the last 37 years. We have raised four children, and have seven grandchildren – all of whom we value and love. Both Ernie and I have grown in our dependence on the Lord over the years as we experienced the ups and downs of parenting and careers. This year God has been especially close as we have traveled a rough path that demanded our dependence on Him. 

Part of this year was a move from Penticton to Kelowna. Our career priorities are shifting, and family needs mean being here is the right place for us. We love being closer to the church we have made home for the last 5 years already, and now we are happy to join in membership. 

As family needs have made this a tough year worshiping and holding fast to our faith has kept us strong. We sing with Jeremiah “Great is Thy faithfulness” ( Lam3.23). As we walk through the fire we can also say “we have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us” (1Jn4.16). We look forward to serving and worshiping in this family of God, and as witnesses to His love fully embrace the motto of the Christian school here: God first, others second, me third.

Thursday, 17 November 2016 11:27


Life before Jesus…

I was born in Fiji Islands and youngest of 5 children. We emigrated to England when I was 3 years old.

In England was the first exposure to the Bible and Jesus. However my family were Sikhs, so I was raised as a Sikh.

At 50 I had a triple heart bypass and 3 months later a major stoke. We finally moved to Kelowna in 2008 and a year later I had pancreatitis and was in a coma for a month. I was lucky to be alive. However my personality had changed. 

We started a restaurant with no experience and made it the best award wining Indian Restaurant in the Okanagan. Over the 6 years my personality deteriorated and I alienated my family and wife. I used profanity, short tempered, feeling everyone was working against me. I was intolerable to be honest.


Jesus and I

I ended up, against common sense, buying another restaurant.  After a few months the business deteriorated and no matter what I did I could not win the community. I lost all my savings. Then I hit the lowest point of my life – broken family, failing business, not friends, no savings. I became suicidal and depressed. That night driving back home I cried all the way and I prayed the best I could in the car to Jesus. I prayed with my heart and soul. I got home and went to bed.  In bed I prayed and then acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God and that He was resurrected after 3 days. I acknowledged he died for my sins. That night I went though as many sins as I could recall and begged for forgiveness. I slept peacefully for the first time in years.

Next morning I woke up a changed man. I knew in my heart to stop immediately any use of profanity, curb my temper, turn the other cheek, not drink, forgive those who trespass against me and the list goes on. I did a 180 degree turn of my life. My family had noticed the change and we are back together. I hid the fact that I was a Christian from them. 

A month later I acknowledged to my family I was a Christian. Their initial reaction was I am going though another one of my phases. 

I personally could not get enough of the Bible. I read the New Testament from Mathew through to Revelations. Then I started from Genesis right though to Revelations again. In my car I have an audio book of the bible and listen everyday to it.

Things got better but God had other plans and tested my faith. The business deteriorated and I used my pension to ensure my staff had a job to come to. 

I reached out to many Pastors and only one replied. Pastor Mike. We arranged to meet for coffee. He changed my life and directed me closer to Jesus. 


Jesus my Saviour.

Pastor Mike invited me to Church and I was scared to be honest. A brown guy going to a Christian Church. Pastor Mike introduced me to the staff of KGF.

Finally I got the courage to go to Church on a Sunday. All greeted me with so much love and joy. One in particular who stands out is Mary. She is a true blessing. She guides me and shows genuine sincerity and love.

Several months ago I lost everything. Not once during this time did I lose faith. My love for Jesus increased. I had never blamed Jesus for my failure. I kept my faith in Him. I proved to myself this was not a phase I was going through. It was for real.

I have found Jesus and know that He loves me. I have found a home at KGF and know I am loved. At KFG I also have found a family.

This makes me the richest man alive!

Thank you Jesus for saving me when this sheep was lost for so long.

Thursday, 17 November 2016 11:24

Todd R.

I wasn't raised in a Christian home but my grandmother took me to church when I was five. For a time, my parents had us kids in Sunday school because the church offered a convenient pick-up and drop-off service. To this day I can still sing the songs I learned at such an impressionable age.

Although I belong to a loving family, during my elementary and adolescent years I struggled with self-acceptance mainly because my two older brothers were very different from me: Athletic and very popular. I was more into academics and electronics and had troubles making friends after our family moved across the country when I was in the fifth grade.

The onset of puberty brought a whole new round of challenges including cystic acne and weight gain, which led me to reject my body causing identity issues and disorientation. In my early twenties I became sexually promiscuous and very adventurous in my efforts to gain acceptance and validation of the broken pieces of me that I so desperately wanted to put together.

Up until this time my view of religion was that there was nothing wrong with it for those who needed that kind of support. But it wasn't for me... sure I had problems, but I wasn't THAT desperate.

I was soon introduced to the bar scene and every weekend I was drinking too much and searching for hookups. One night I was talking to a couple of guys who told me they were in a group who met every week to talk about their stuff. They said this group was helping them to understand the reasons for their sexually-charged struggles and the power of addiction. They invited me to join them for a meeting and some of what they were saying was making sense to me. So I went and I can remember that meeting like it was just yesterday.

I look around the cramped room and notice the wide variety of people who all want something different for themselves. The leader presents a little talk about something called a "step" and then one by one everyone shares about their week. I am amazed at how honest everyone is; some of what I hear is a little frightening. I start to feel like maybe I don't have it so bad. It's time to pray and since I don't know what prayer is or how to do it; my friend tells me that I can just listen. So I listen to their words and I get that they are all talking to "God". And it's obvious it makes them feel better and this is surprisingly comfortable for me. The meeting ends and someone offers a hug and I gratefully accept. And with that it's time to go and I am invited to return next week. I decide that I will.

These meetings continue for months and each time I feel like I am gaining understanding about my feelings and struggles. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle is coming together piece by piece and I am very encouraged. My friend invites me to his church and we join the choir. Honestly, the choir is the main reason I go every week because I have troubles staying awake that early on a Sunday morning and the minister isn't a very dynamic speaker.

Unfortunately my addictions are strong and my struggles continue, and on occasion I act out on them. But one day at work after a very rough night on the town, I have a heaviness in my chest that I had never felt before. In a very unlikely place (a bathroom stall) I am overwhelmed with shame and guilt for my actions the night before and I begin to cry. As the tears stream down my face, I talk with God and I ask Him to forgive me. I ask for His help. He says yes. I say yes. Then I go back to work.

I continued with this drop-in group for two years and then spent two years in a more intensive weekly program. I found a different church with an excellent teaching pastor and a vibrant choral program that pulled me in again. 

One night at home I had another unusual moment with God through an unlikely song. I am listening to a Shania Twain album and during the song "From This Moment" God begins to speak to my heart. The lyrics in the song wash over me and as the tears fall I sing to God and He to me in this duet.

(I do swear that I'll always be there.

I'd give anything and everything and I will always care.

Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow,

for better for worse, I will love you with

every beat of my heart.)

From this moment life has begun

From this moment you are the one

Right beside you is where I belong

From this moment on


From this moment I have been blessed

I live only for your happiness

And for your love I'd give my last breath

From this moment on


I give my hand to you with all my heart

Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start

You and I will never be apart

My dreams came true because of you


From this moment as long as I live

I will love you, I promise you this

There is nothing I wouldn't give

From this moment on


You're the reason I believe in love

And you're the answer to my prayers from up above

All we need is just the two of us

My dreams came true because of you


From this moment as long as I live

I will love you, I promise you this

There is nothing I wouldn't give

From this moment

I will love you as long as I live

From this moment on 


I decide then and there that I am totally at peace with spending the rest of my days as a single man in love with God and desperate to serve Him.

The following summer I am at a conference at Wheaton College just outside Chicago. I am involved in leadership as a consultant and I have created a new team position that requires a lot of one-on-one time with the volunteer in this position. As we spend more and more time together, it becomes clear that God is up to something VERY surprising. I tell my roommate one night that I think she might be "the one". She agrees to keep in touch after the conference and returns to Los Angeles while I return to Calgary.

Three months of endless email and phone calls and I visit her in L.A. -- I come prepared. After one final confirmation checkin with God, I get the green light and I propose. She is VERY surprised and after the shock, she says YES! We are married five months later and while our personalities are nearly polar opposites, there is no doubt at all that we are made for each other. And we are together in God's perfectly divine timing. 

I still believe that marriage is not for everyone. And I wouldn't suggest marriage unless you can first be at peace without it, and second, you both (and those who know you) are convinced that God is putting you together. For me, knowing this has pulled us through the unavoidable challenges of life. There is no Plan B for either of us. So this means we work it out, with Him and in Him. Until He calls us Home. 

By God's Grace, I was merely whole enough to get married and my love for my wife grows day by day as He reveals the true gift she is to my walk. My faith is deeper than ever and I have revived my Gifts of teaching and helping to finally fulfill my Calling. God is so faithful! In the meantime, the journey to wholeness continues on this side of Heaven.

The Sunday School song returns once again... my cup is full and running over. Indeed!

Thursday, 17 November 2016 11:22


God has taken away the things I used to define myself as in order to bring me to a place where who I am is defined solely by him and therefore all of my value and worth and purpose is too.  

Along with losing my old identity came a loss of confidence; not knowing exactly who I was anymore or what my life would look like having God in complete control felt amazing but a little scary too. Now I feel like He is showing me that I don't need to have any fear or anxiety about my future because he knew the plans he had for me even before I was born and whatever my future holds he is looking out for me and wants the very best for my life. 

It is a peaceful thought knowing that the God of this world, the creator of the universe, cares about me and has a purpose for me in this life. Even when the odds aren't in my favor I can rest knowing that God has complete control over every situation and if he wants something to happen he will make it happen; I don't have to worry about taking things into my own hands and needing to get through things on my own. 

I am excited to take this next step in faith with God and use it as a tangible reminder of my commitment to let Him take over my life and lead me along the path he has planned. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016 11:20

Crystal M.

I was raised to talk to Jesus and to be aware of God's hand in creation. By my teenage years, this faith became personal and life changing. He has lead me carefully where I needed to lean on Him, and I'm thankful for that.

When I think about my life and who I am without God, it's grim. So many nights He has kept me together when my mind throws terrible outcomes at me. Even when those horrible things come to pass, I can sleep peacefully because I know He cares about the people I love more than I do. Not only does He care, but He has a plan and more than enough power to implement it. 

So, I am just a person who is loved by God, carried by Him and lost in His grace. There is nothing that can come against that. Even when I forget, or mess up, He is right there with me. 

"What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31 What a relief!

Thursday, 17 November 2016 11:19

Bob M.

I believe in God because I want to believe that there is more to life than just what we see in the present. I have experienced God's grace in my life and I look forward to the day when we can all be with Him.

I've enjoyed coming to KGF because I find the people here are happy and generous in many ways. I want to be a part of that and membership is a way of showing commitment.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 10:30

Kurt & Miranda

Both Miranda and I were baptized as children. I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario, and Miranda was born in Toronto, Ontario. I was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church, and Miranda was baptized in the Catholic Church. But growing up, neither one of us developed a close relationship with God and based on different circumstances we questioned our faith and untethered ourselves from a church. 

Fast forward to our early twenties, my wife Miranda and I met in a small mountain resort village in Northern Ontario where we fell in love and made plans to move West together. After college and finding jobs we settled in Kelowna, BC in 1999. 

After moving to Kelowna, Miranda connected with a work colleague who introduced her to Willow Park Church where she discovered God in new and meaningful ways. She registered for the ALPHA course and was baptized a few months later as a Christian on March 11, 2001. After hearing Pastor Mike speak at Willow Park, I also started rebuilding my faith. 

While we both have travelled a unique spiritual journey, our love for God and desires to create a new legacy for future generations based on faith, love and hope is at the crux of the foundation we are building for our family. 

Once we started our own family, we wanted to find a church that encourages personal growth in an inclusive community for all ages and seasons of life through spiritual, recreational and educational experiences.  

After attending a number of congregations, we knew we wanted to be a part of KGF’s growing community. We love the multi-generational congregation and the incredible kids’ ministry.

Our love and faith in God has grown steady, deep, and strong over the past few years and we feel God calling us forward into His ministry. 

We are blessed to have this opportunity to make a commitment to the KGF church community to use our gifts in service to others and become members of this growing family. 

We are forever grateful for Pastor Mike and the KGF team. 

“As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” (Josh. 24:15, NIV)

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