I grew up with a sense of calling but not knowing what a “call” from God was.

I attended church as a child and youth, feeling close to God but feeling somewhat incomplete. I wanted more in my relationship with God but had not heard about having a personal relationship with Christ.

As a married thirty-year-old father of two, I was given the opportunity to invite Jesus into my life and take it over.

At that point, everything changed. I now knew a new way of living and seeing the world through Christ’s eyes. Two years later, I had a Holy Spirit encounter that went beyond my confession of Christ and confirmed this sense of call from childhood that has taken my on journey of Ordained Ministry, Itinerant Consulting and now mentor and pastor to Pastors.


Encouraging others to also confess Christ and then watching and aiding them in the development and use of their gifts and talents gives me great joy and satisfaction.

I pray that all may have the same encounter with the Holy Spirit and feel God’s presence in their lives.

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