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For many, Romans 8 is truly one of the greatest chapters in the entire Bible.  Why?  Because it so amazingly spells out what God has done as the Great Bridge Maker, stepping in to do for us what we could never do for ourselves.  If you have ever wondered whether you were loved, whether there was hope, whether God could actually be for you, then listen close as Pastor Mike closes the 8 part series "The Great Bridge Maker" with a message entitled "Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!" 

Do you ever get tired of wanting one thing but doing another?  You aren't alone.  In part 7 of our series in Romans, "The Great Bridge Maker", guest preacher Rob Thiessen draws our attention to the only hope we have to free us from a cycle of sin.  

Sunday, 01 December 2013 08:29

The Great Bridge Maker - Part 6 "Living Free!"

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Have you ever noticed how some instructions seem painfully obvious?  But the truth is, they wouldn't be there unless someone needed to hear them.  

That's what we find in part 6 of the Great Bridge Maker, from Romans 6.  The Apostle Paul reminds us that we don't sin so we can experience more of God's grace.  We walk in new life because that's what we are made for!

If you've ever wondered what life with Christ looks like, join in with Pastor Mike and this message entitled, "Living Free!"

"Oh, Aslan," said Lucy. "Will you tell us how to get into your country from our world?"

"I shall be telling you all the time," said Aslan. "But I will not tell you how long or short the way will be; only that it lies across a river. But do not fear that, for I am the great Bridge Builder."

C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia series “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”  Chapter 16

This week we mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of C.S. Lewis (November 22, 1963), a self-described “reluctant convert” who came to Christ like a prodigal, "kicking, struggling, resentful, and darting his eyes in every direction for a chance to escape."  But Lewis seemed to truly understand what it meant to find peace with God.  And he spent much of his life helping others to as well.  

In Part 5 of our 8 part series in Romans entitled “The Great Bridge Maker”, Pastor Mike Penninga unpacks this amazing truth: that when you were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for you. It wasn’t when you had proved yourself.  It wasn’t when you had cleaned yourself up.  God showed his great love for you by sending Christ to die for you while you were still a sinner.  And that indeed changes everything!

What is your spiritual resume like?  Pretty impressive?  Kinda meager?  As we continue our series, “The Great Bridge Maker”, we find ourselves in Romans 4, and a message entitled “Laying Down Your Spiritual Resume”.  Pastor Mike reveals the great freedom we experience when we rest in the finished work of Jesus.  

“There is more grace in God's heart than there is sin in your past.”  Pastor Erwin Lutzer



Human beings long to plan and construct their own systems and depend upon their own ingenuity. The bridge we need comes in a form nobody expected.  Guest Preacher and Columbia Bible College President, Bryan Born, shares a powerful message from one of the greatest passages in all the Bible, Romans 3:21-31, as part of our series “The Great Bridge Maker”

More about Columbia Bible College on their website here:


The phone rings. . .it’s your doctor.  He wants you to come down to the office, has something very important to share with you.

Your heart begins to beat so fast. . . you grab your keys and make your way to the office, your head spinning with possibilities.  He asks you to have a seat.  “I have bad news for you.  The tests don’t look good.  There is a war going on inside you.  And the wrong side is winning right now.

For some of you, that scenario is all too real.  The doctor would have your full attention.   There is nothing else in the world that matters more right now.  And that’s why you are all ears when he says, “The good news. . . . there is hope. . . we can do something about your cancer.  Here’s our treatment plan.”

Welcome to Dr. Paul, and week 2 of our series, “The Great Bridge Maker”.  As you will hear from Pastor Mike, you will never run to a Savior until you acknowledge your need for a Savior.  Welcome to one of the darkest passages in all of Romans. 


Saturday, 26 October 2013 16:24

The Great Bridge Maker - Part 1 "God's Good News!"

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Bridges are amazing at linking two things that would otherwise be separated. When it comes to God, the question is do we build the bridge, or does He?  Here’s Pastor Mike with part 1 of our new 8 part series, “The Great Bridge Maker”, from the book of Romans.  


Monday, 21 October 2013 09:12

Walking Faithfully

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What part does faithfulness play in our walk with God?  Here's Marcus Schmaling with an important reminder and encouragement.


Why do we find ourselves drawn to people who are thankful?  What is it about them that makes us want to be their friends?  Do others see us as thankful people?

As we reflect on how thankfulness changes us, Pastor Mike reminds us how as representatives of Jesus Christ, we are to let thankfulness lead us.  Not only will it have positive impacts on our outlook, it can change others who we come in contact with.  And living thankful lives helps counter the growing spirit of entitlement that our culture is embracing. 


Friday, 04 October 2013 12:23

Identity Theft Part 4

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"Hello, My Name Is. . ."  

This is a phrase we share every day.  But for too many of us, we don't really know our true name, our real identity.  And we will never know "who" we are until we discover "whose" we are.

As Pastor Mike concludes this four part series, "Identity Theft", we turn our attention to the power of our name.  And we contrast the names the world wants to stick on us, versus those God has for us. 

Download the bulletin / message outline here: KGF Bulletin October 6, 2013

Link to the YouVersion event here:

Friday, 27 September 2013 11:34

Identity Theft - Part 3

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We continue with our series, “Identity Theft”, digging deep into who we really are in God’s eyes.  So grateful to have our friend and missions partner, Errol Martens, open God’s Word with us today.  Errol has been a faithful servant for 30 plus years, most recently in a ministry called “Pain of the Heart” to Greenland, First Nations communities in BC, and more.  We know you will be encouraged and challenged.   


Friday, 20 September 2013 15:01

Identity Theft - Part 2

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We live in a generation that is unsure of their real identity.  The truth is what matters most is not who people say you are, not what society says you are, but what God says you are.  And you will never discover who you really are until you realize “whose” you are! 

We dig deeper into this subject, and Ephesians, with Pastor Mike 


Saturday, 14 September 2013 22:25

Identity Theft - Part 1

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Chances are you’re heard of Identity Theft.  It’s the fastest growing crime in North America.  Every minute about 19 people fall victim to identity theft.

But there is a more damaging, far more dangerous, far more costly form of identity theft we want to begin talking about today.  Spiritual Identity Theft occurs when someone tries to rob you of your true identity in Christ.

That’s why this new series is so important.  We will never know “who” we are until we finally discover “whose” we are.  Here’s Pastor Mike with week 1 of “Identity Theft”


Sunday, 08 September 2013 07:13

Kickoff Sunday - The Power of Influence

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The issue is not whether or not you will have an influence. . . the issue is what direction will you be influencing. 

The average person will influence 10,000 people over the course of a lifetime.  That's significant! And we at KGF don't want to waste the influence God has given us.  So as we launch our new Fall Ministry Season, Pastor Mike draws our attention to who is influencing us, and who are we seeking to influence for God.