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Is your picture of Jesus too small?  In Part 2 of our extended journey through the Gospel of Mark, Pastor Mike shines the light on the King's Authority, and how it covers ALL things.  There is nothing that is not under His reign and His control.  And that's good news for us!

Our greatest need is to answer this question: Who will occupy the throne of my life?

Make no mistake, there is a throne, and we love to sit on it.  But the truth is we were made by a King and for the King.  And life makes most sense when He is sitting on the throne of our life.

"Jesus the King" is an extended journey through the Gospel of Mark, from Christmas 2016 to Easter 2017.  We encourage you to join us in person (8:30am, 10:15am, 6:00pm) or live online,  

Here's Pastor Mike Penninga with the introduction & Part 1, "Make Way For The King!"

We wrap up our 5 week series, "GREATEST" by hearing the faith journey of Devan Scollon, who is spending this year Interning in our Youth Department at KGF.  Devan shares why the GREATEST thing is authenticity in our walk with God.  

Compassion is Love in Action.  As we continue our series "GREATEST", we want to camp on the Great Commission, how the Gospel is for all the world.  It's not limited to a certain group, but is good news for all.  And that good news is lived out when God's love spills out.

Honored to have Bruce Piercey share this message on Shoebox Sunday.  Bruce has served for more than a decade with Samaritan's Purse Canada, currently as Regional Director of Euroasia.  More online, 

Last Words.  They carry a lot of weight.  We do well to lean in close when we know the end is near.  So how do we approach Jesus' last words?  Guest Preacher & MB Seminary President Mark Wessner walks out Part 3 of our series GREATEST by looking at Jesus' Famous Last Words, the Great Commission, in Matthew 28.  And in it we find that what God does in us isn't just for us, but is meant to be lived through us, beyond us, outward.  

Saturday, 29 October 2016 20:28

GREATEST Part 2: "Letting Love Lead Us"

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We sing that song, “Jesus loves me this I know. . .for the Bible tells me so.” But what if this wasn’t just a kids song? What if this was our song, and not just because the Bible tells me so, but because I have experienced His love?

We can’t love God or others until we know that we are loved by God. And then when we do love God and others, it’s not our love they are experiencing, but His love in us. 

In part 2 of our series, “GREATEST”, Pastor Mike Penninga asks the question, “What would happen if love led us?   And how exactly can we love our neighbor as ourselves?  Let’s lean in together for a journey that truly could change every day moving forward.    

Saturday, 22 October 2016 22:23

GREATEST Part 1: First Things First

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Jesus boiled all of life down to two keys - love God and love others. Simple, right? Perhaps easier said than done.

Join Pastor Mike Penninga for a brand new KGF series, "GREATEST".  We begin with "First Things First", and the critical importance of first coming to grips with God's love for you before you try loving Him and others.   


God molds us in our personal meetings with Him.  Pastor Levi unpacks part 5 of our series "Molded" by looking at our own responsibility and opportunity to have our lives shaped by our Creator.  

Every one of us could tell a story of a pivotal circumstance in our life that God has used to shape us.   Key moments. Key experiences.  Key failures.  Key successes.  God molds us through these moments.  And when we look back, it seems that we are molded more through trouble than triumph.  Because it’s then that God seems to have our attention. 

In part 4 of our series, “Molded”, Pastor Mike takes us out on a lake in the middle of the night and into a boat that is being buffeted by the waves.  But what comes out the other side will change the individuals forever.  

"This generation listens with their eyes." 

Tangible nuggets like this can be found throughout the message from Marv Penner as he unpacks God's Molding of us through Family Relationships.  What role to the various generations have to play in this journey of faith?  How are we to support and walk with each other, allowing us to learn from and share the wisdom of our lives. 

Join Marv Tuesday October 11th for a special "Parenting with Purpose" workshop, 7pm @ KGF. 

Saturday, 24 September 2016 22:03

Molded Part 2 - Getting in the Game: Personal Ministry

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Are you in the game, or content to cheer from the sidelines?  Do you know that the people God shapes most are those who understand the meaning of ministry, serving others to the glory of God?

In week 2 of our 5 week series, 'Molded', Pastor Mike helps us become incredibly practical with these two questions. 

1.  What gift has God given you?

2.  What are you doing with that gift for His glory?


Monday, 19 September 2016 14:22

Molded Part 1: Practical Teaching

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Molded:  To influence the formation or development of.

How does God mold us?  What does He use to shape us into His image and for His glory? 

We are living in an age of unparalleled access to the Bible.  Multiple translations available in so many formats, including on your phone.  You are one click away from listening, watching, or live-streaming some of the best Bible teachers in the world. We are not lacking access.  But there is something more important than access, and that's application. 

Pastor Mike begins this new 5-part series looking at the the gift of Practical Teaching, and how application trumps acquisition every time.  

Sunday, 11 September 2016 07:05

Kickoff Sunday, Fall 2016: Following Jesus Together

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We are so excited to begin a new season of life and ministry together with you.  In this Kickoff Message, Pastor Mike draws our attention to one word that radically changes (for the better) KGF’s Vision Statement.  It’s the word “Together”.  You were never meant to follow Jesus alone.  We are truly better together.  We pray that you would lean in to what it looks like to follow Jesus together! 

Don’t forget our new service times, Sundays 8:30am, 10:15am, 6:00pm, and live online, 

“Who will be my Master?  Who will be my Mate?  What will be my Mission?”

In our 10th and final message in the series, “Songs of Summer”, we celebrate the gift of wisdom and practical help from our friend Pete Unrau.  Pete just turned 80, and has spent a vast majority of those years in pastoral ministry, preaching and leading around North America.  He brings all of that to bear in this amazing message, “Your Beautiful, Messy, Complicated Story Matters: Tell It!” from Psalm 71. 

We know you’ll enjoy Pete, and you can reach him via email, [email protected]

If you could sneak a peak at Pastor Mike's wedding ring, you'd find this verse from Psalm 37:4, "Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your hearts desires."  Does this mean God is like a cosmic vending machine, or a sky genie waiting to do our bidding?  Just the opposite.  When we take delight in Him, we find our desires change in surprising but beautiful ways.

Here's Pastor Mike with Part 9 of our 10 week series, "Songs of Summer": "The Right Delight"   

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