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Have you spent time in life’s “pits”?  Have you wondered whether you will ever walk on solid ground again?  And have you ever asked whether God can use the darkness to bring His light? 

Good news.  He can!  And He will! And He wants to!  In part 8 of our "Songs of Summer" series, Pastor Mike opens one of the most famous Psalms that moves us from desperation to salvation to celebration to proclamation.  Wherever you find yourself today, know that He is near, and that your story can lead others back to Him.  Hallelujah!

Surrender. It's a difficult thing to do. But as our friend Jeff Michaud shares in part 7 of our series "Songs of Summer", it is the core of the Christian message. 

We live in a world filled with distractions.  How can we navigate those distractions in a way that the most important things don't get shoved off to the sides?  Here's Pastor Levi with Part 6 of our series in Psalms, "Songs of Summer".  

"The Lord is my Shepherd. . . . "

There are 150 Chapters in Psalms, 2,461 verses, and more than 43,000 words.  But none seem to strike home as much as the 23rd Psalm.  Why is that?  Why has this become the most loved, the most read, the most shared, the most memorized of all Psalms? 

The answer is two-fold says Pastor Mike.  Psalm 23 is incredibly personal, and it reminds us of the absolute beauty of God's presence.

Join us on this journey into the heart of the Bible's message.  We are not alone, and that changes everything!

“The place our culture discourages, where spirituality flourishes: Longing.”

Guest preacher Marcel Morneau draws our eyes to the gift of longing, and the importance of longing after the things that can actually satisfy. 

What do you do when faced with the darkest Psalm of them all?  You dive in and realize that life sometimes brings us to places we can't fathom, but a God who walks with us through them all.  Here's Pastor Levi Simpson with an incredibly powerful and personal look at Psalm 88, part of our Songs of Summer Series through the Psalms.  

One of the major themes in the Psalms is that you and I are KNOWN.  Is that scary or comforting to you?  Is that appealing or a bit off-putting?  To me it’s beautiful, but a little nerve-racking.  If I am totally known, why do I like to hide?  Who am I hiding from?  May I encourage you to come out from the shadows to embrace fully the One who made you, knows you, and loves you more than you can imagine!

Here's Pastor Mike with Part 2 of our "Songs of Summer" Series in the Psalms, from Psalm 139.  

The Psalms are filled with some of the most beautiful poetic imagery in all of the Bible.  But they are also filled with very challenging and difficult to understand parts filled with violence, curses, and emotions that seem almost surprising to be in the Bible.  What do we do with all of that?  How are we to read the Psalms?  What do they mean for us today?

Pastor Mike Penninga begins this important new summer series in the Psalms by sharing his own intimidation with this book, and how his personal bent towards positivity runs smack into the very raw and personal spiritual expression found in the Psalms.  Here's Part 1 of our 10 week series, "Songs of Summer".

Download the daily reading plan, 150 Psalms in 60 days, online here:  

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson.

Pastor Mike challenges the summer team from Gardom Lake, and all of us, to never stop sowing seeds.  Our job is to sow, God's job is to grow!  And the amazing thing is the harvest far exceeds the seeds we sow. 

What do you say on a Sunday that honors both Dads & Grads? Pastor Marcus Schmaling has the perfect message for both, and you, and it's available here.

Don't Compromise! Open Your Eyes! Travel Light!

More than 700 people joined in KGF's 5th Annual celebration in the heart of our city @ Stuart Park in Downtown Kelowna.  Many more were part of it through our Live Stream, and now we are pleased to offer the entire 80 minute service with worship, testimonies, kids feature, prayer, and message, online here.  

Are you looking for the right thing in the wrong place? Each of us has a desire to be loved, to be accepted. We want to lead a life of meaning, purpose, significance. Those are good things.   But too often we are looking for those good things in the wrong places, in places that can’t provide them.

In this message shared @ KGF ONE in Stuart Park Downtown Kelowna, Pastor Mike invites people to look to the only One who can actually provide that which they most desperately need. 

Saturday, 04 June 2016 21:27

We Believe Part 10 "Return of the King"

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We believe this world is temporary, but life is eternal.  

We believe our days are numbered, but death is not final.

We believe we are between two kingdoms now, but our true king is coming back.

With those foundational truths in place, Pastor Mike brings our 10 week "We Believe" series by reminding us that the King of King's is coming back to bring His own to be with Him.  And we want to be ready for "The Return of the King".  

Saturday, 04 June 2016 21:18

We Believe Part 9: "No Other Name"

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It's not very popular in today's day and age to say that there is no other name by which we can be saved.  But what do we do with Jesus' claims to be the way, the truth, and the life?  If there are other ways, then is Jesus necessary?

Pastor Mike tackles this crucial issue head on in part 9 of our series, "We Believe".  In so doing, we are reminded that everyone needs to answer these first-order questions. 

1.  Origin - where did we come from?

2.  Problem - what went wrong?

3.  Solution - how do we fix it?

4. Destiny - where are we going.

Let's lean in together and see if Christianity indeed provides responses that make the best sense of the world we live in.  

Saturday, 21 May 2016 22:24

We Believe Part 8: "Between Two Kingdoms"

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How do we live in this world in a way that acknowledges our first allegiance to another kingdom?  How do we interact with the earthly kingdoms / governments / powers, when what really matters is God’s kingdom / power and authority?  And what do we do when the two kingdoms collide?

In part 8 of our 10 part series “We Believe”, Pastor Mike finds himself between two kingdoms, and draws our attention to how we can honor God in both.