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Sunday, 20 May 2012 14:05

God's Treasure Principles - Part 1 - Ownership vs. Stewardship

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God's Treasure Principles - Part 1 - Ownership vs. Stewardship God's Treasure Principles - Part 1 - Ownership vs. Stewardship KGF Church


God's Treasure Principles - Part 1 - Ownership vs. Stewardship KGF Church

We launch a new three part series Sunday May 20th entitled "God's Treasure Principles", asking ourselves the question, "Why does God care so much about how we handle our money?" The reality is God has more to say on the topic of money and possessions than any other topic in scripture, other than His own identity! As we launch into it, Pastor Mike wrestles with the question of "Ownership" vs. "Stewardship", and the cosmic tug-of-war between the pull of culture and the pull of the mind & heart of God!

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Mike Penninga

Mike Penninga is first a foremost a son of God, a husband of Michelle, a father of 3, and a pretty good tennis player. A grad of Trinity Western University and ACTS seminary with a background in broadcast journalism, Mike has a passion for sharing the life changing news of Jesus Christ in understandable and captivating ways. He has been the lead pastor at KGF since March 2009.

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  • Guest - anonymous

    I think the initial statement made at the beginning of the message was a loaded statement. (God's not important to us if He's not in control of our finances.) <br /><br />We need to be careful to not create an air of guilt or shame on people, if finances are not 'in order'. Some of us are not good with numbers/finances and/or have never been taught how to 'allow God to control our finances'. How do we apply this to day to day life? <br /><br />I think it's important to be careful that we're not blanket statement (ing) everyone who struggles in this area, into a category. Life is a journey, and a wrestling of the heart and struggles of day-to-day life. We just don't know what people deal with, the skill-set they have, or where they are at in their journey. <br /><br />That being said, the message WAS empowering and encouraging and left me thinking. My heart is to pursue the things of the kingdom (to store treasure), and not advancing my pocket book.

  • Guest - MikePenninga

    Thanks for your feedback. . . I agree, we never want to use guilt or shame on people's lives. . . it doesn't work, never lasts, and was not God's method! What I intended to say (but probably didn't say well!) is that if we say God is important to us but He doesn't have any influence or sway in our finances, it's questionable whether He is actually an important part of our lives. . . I agree, people come at this from various perspectives and understanding, and my heart is to help them see all parts of their lives from God's perspective. . . .

  • Guest - R. Buehler

    After your joke on Sunday I thought you may appreciate this one along the same lines:<br /><br />A wealthy man is about to die and asks that all his riches be converted to gold bars and buried with him.<br /><br />Upon his death he finds himself at the pearly gates and is surprised and ecstatic to find all his gold in a trailor awaiting him. He proudly walks himself and his trailor up to the gates and announces to St, Peter that he wishes to enter the kingdom. Peter looks at the man and says, "You have been saved by God's grace and you may enter." <br /><br />Then he looked at the trailor full of gold and said, "But our streets are fine so leave your concrete outside<br /><br />---------------<br /><br />I can't remember how long I've known this joke but it's always a fun reminder of the fact the no matter how "well" you do in life, it's worth nothing in heaven.

  • Guest - Marilyn

    I loved the Culture and God illustration! Hilarious and so true. Love the humor you guys used! This whole sermon made me think again how important it is to realise we are just stewards and don't own a thing. I'll listen to part 2 asap. Hope to find out more about God's will when you are in financial trouble, and can't do a thing about it.....except trust and pray! One thing I know for sure, even if we'd lose it all, we'll still have enough to eat and clothes to wear! That's a promise. Thanks for this sermon.

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