God I Have A Question – Part 1 – Are You There?

God. . .I have a question. Are you even there? Am I crazy to believe in you? How can I know for sure that you exist? We start with a big one.  The big one.  Is God Real?  Let’s jump in with Pastor Mike and part 1 of our 4 part series, “God. . . […]

Who Is This Man – Part 5 – The Ultimate Question

Who do people say I am? Who do you say I am? Jesus asked his disciples both of these questions in Mark 8. It really is the most important question you will ever answer.

Who Is This Man – Discoveries of the Divine – Part 4 – Resurrected from Darkness

What happens when spiritual kingdoms collide?  Jesus always wins! Pastor Monty Scott continues our five part Easter series, “Who Is Jesus?” by looking at a powerful encounter from Mark 5 with Jesus and a demon possessed man.  If you have ever wondered whether Jesus is strong enough, lean in close.

Who Is This Man – Discoveries of the Divine – Part 3 – Lord of the Storm

As we continue our five week series entitled “Who Is This Man? Discoveries of the Divine from the Gospel of Mark”, we find out that storms are part of all of our lives.  The key is not whether storms will come, but who is in our boat when they do. Let’s lean in close so […]

Who Is This Man? Discoveries of the Divine from the Gospel of Mark – Part 2

If someone says they have the power to forgive sins, they had better have some authority and credentials to back that up!  But if they do, such a claim goes a long way to speak to their true identity. As we continue our five week study from the Gospel of Mark entitled “Who Is This […]

Who Is This Man? Discoveries of the Divine from the Gospel of Mark – Part 1

“Nineteen centuries have come and gone And today Jesus is the central figure of the human race And the leader of mankind’s progress All the armies that have ever marched All the navies that have ever sailed All the parliaments that have ever sat All the kings that ever reigned put together Have not affected […]

Love In Action – Part 3 – Love Wins!

When all is said and done, what will people remember about your life?  What will they say about after you are gone?  What will you be known for? May I suggest that you give your life to two things?  Loving God and Loving Others. As we wrap up our series “Love In Action: Refuse To […]

Love In Action – Part 2 – Love Costs “Compassion Sunday”

Sometimes the problems of the world seem overwhelming.  Where do we start?  What do we do?  Who do we help? Welcome to Compassion Sunday @ KGF!  We are so excited about this because you and I have a tangible opportunity to put our Love in Action, to Refuse to do Nothing!  That’s the series we […]

Love In Action – Part 1 – Love Acts: 58

Jesus said the world would know we are his disciples by our _____________ Church attendance?  Bible reading?  The kind of clothes we wear?  The kinds of music we listen to? The answer is the world will know we are His disciples by our “love” Think about it. . . How can you see someone’s love?  […]

For Such A Time As This – Part 3 – Small Act: Big Impact

As we conclude our series “For Such A Time As This”, Pastor Jinger looks at how small acts can have big impact.  Using the amazing story of Jesus washing his disciples feet in John 13, Jinger reminds us that we serve an upside down kingdom where the first are last and the last are first. […]