You’ve Got Mail – Part 7 – Open The Door

Doors are so common that we don’t even think much about them.  But in this message, Pastor Mike unpacks Jesus’ use of the door as a powerful metaphor for our spiritual journey. Doors are entry-ways.  They are the place of welcome to our inner world.  They are symbolic of transitions, from outside to inside, from […]

You’ve Got Mail – Part 6 – Made Into A Masterpiece

Did you know that it is Jesus’ heart to make you into His masterpiece?  As we continue our 7 week look at the 7 letters to the churches in Revelation, Pastor Jinger draws our attention to the church in Philadelphia.

You’ve Got Mail – Part 5 – The Danger of a Good Reputation

For those who are technologically connected, you probably recognize the fall of Research in Motion’s Blackberry at the hands of Apple’s IPhone, partly because Blackberry was content to rely on its reputation.  There is a spiritual parallel that takes place when we allow our faith journey to be lived in the rear-view mirror, relying on […]

You’ve Got Mail – Part 4 – Wrestling with Compromise

Where have you found yourself turning a blind eye to what you know is wrong so that you can get ahead?  Where have you compromised your faith because you knew it would allow you to make a sale, earn some extra bucks, keep a job, get that promotion?  That’s the situation we face in part […]

You’ve Got Mail – Part 3 – Straddling the Fence

What happens when you live with one foot in two worlds?  Chances are you are slowly broken apart from the inside.  Listen to Jesus’ passionate call to the church in Pergamum to get off the fence.

You’ve Got Mail Part 2 – Gospel Fire

Have you faced persecution or opposition because of your faith in Christ?  Such response is to be expected as we cling to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  As we continue in our series “You’ve Got Mail”, Monty Scott turns our attention to Jesus’ words to the church in Smyrna, who were enduring severe persecution, […]

You’ve Got Mail – Part 1 – First Love

Remember the good old days when we received something called “letters” in our mailbox?  That was before the day of email and text, when communication took the form of paper and pen, and included a stamp. Back then, when you heard the phrase, “You’ve Got Mail!”, it made your heart skip a beat.  Who might […]

Living @ The Core – Part 4 – Not Alone

We wrap up our four-week Kickoff series entitled “Living @ The Core” with a message entitled “Not Alone”.  One of the amazing gifts of living with Christ at the core of your life is that you are never alone.  The great news is we are invited into an intimate relationship with the creator of the […]

Living @ The Core – Part 3 – Guided by the Spirit

What does it mean to allow our lives to be Guided by the Spirit?  That`s where Pastor Jinger goes in part 3 or our 4 part September Kickoff series, `Living at the Core`.

Living @ The Core – Part 2 – Foundations Matter!

I am always amazed when I get onto a construction site to see the thought and effort and work that goes into making the foundation right.  These are skillful individuals who are building things that can actually stand the test of time! But in reality, each of us is seeking to build something that will […]