Living @ The Core – Part 3 – Guided by the Spirit

What does it mean to allow our lives to be Guided by the Spirit?  That`s where Pastor Jinger goes in part 3 or our 4 part September Kickoff series, `Living at the Core`.

Living @ The Core – Part 2 – Foundations Matter!

I am always amazed when I get onto a construction site to see the thought and effort and work that goes into making the foundation right.  These are skillful individuals who are building things that can actually stand the test of time! But in reality, each of us is seeking to build something that will […]

Living @ The Core – Part 1 – Kickoff Sunday 2012

We are excited to be launching a new four week series entitled “Living At the Core”. The concept of “core” is popular in today’s fitness culture, this idea that each of us have this central part of our body that needs to be strengthened as it impacts everything else. But beyond our physical bodies, how […]