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Sunday, 22 January 2012 13:27

Reasonable Faith - Part 2 - Who's Behind It All?

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Reasonable Faith? Reasonable Faith? KGF Church


Reasonable Faith? Part 2 - Who's Behind It All? John Mackay KGF Church

We continue our series “Reasonable Faith?”, asking the question whether the faith we hold is in fact “reasonable”.  In this message, we welcome a guest speaker from a much warmer place! John Mackay is the Australian Director of Creation Research ( and spends his life addressing the questions of origins and scriptures historicity when it comes to the world we see. John has spoken and debated all over the world, and is here as part of a week long stop in the Okanagan. His message looks at who’s behind it all, we know you will be challenged and encouraged by what John shares!

Download John Mackay's poster and his Okanagan Itinerary here:

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  • Guest - Chris

    I was at the 11:00 service, and I haven't listened to this audio clip to know which service was recorded, but it was a pretty good overview of the first part of Genesis. The reminder of six literal days mentioned in the Ten Commandments was a nice touch... I'd forgotten about that.<br /><br />I did find it a bit puzzling, though, that Mr. Mackay used literary structure as one of his arguments for Genesis being taken literally. When I hear people question the Bible, and the Creation account specifically, the last thing I'd ever hear them mention is the sentence structure. They're usually a lot more concerned with the actual content of those verses instead.<br /><br />I'd also like to mention that Mr. Mackay's sermon did nothing to dissuade me from my beliefs in the reconstructionist view of Genesis (see Pastor Mike's great paper on the days of Genesis for info on what that means). I'd be interested to hear if he's ever considered it as a possibility.

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