Student Ministries

KGF Youth

High Schoolers are looking for two things in life: Community and Direction.  They may not use those words, but that is what they are hungry for.  At KGF, we want to help provide both of those things, belonging and spiritual input that will help them navigate these pivotal years of grade 6 – 11.  Join Pastor Marcus Schmaling and the amazing group of Youth Leaders Tuesdays, 7pm – 9pm in the HUB.

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Converse – Young Adults

If you find yourself between grade 12 and the age of 28, single, dating, engaged, newly married, college, university, career, wandering, then Converse is for you.

This growing community of Young Adults meet Sundays for the 6:00pm service, and then from 7:30 – 9:00pm in the Fireside Room for Spiritual Conversations and Social Connection.  We know you will find fellow questioners to journey through life with, under the guidance of Pastor Marcus Schmaling and the Converse Lead Team.

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