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These videos were created by us here at KGF and incorporated into our services.  May they continue to have impact through the medium of the internet.


Our attention this week as a country has been focused on the wildfire situation in and around Fort McMurray.  It’s truly a devastating disaster that is impacting tens of thousands of people.  But as I reflected on the amazing stories of kindness and generosity I was hearing come through, it reminded me once again of the Power of Together.  I take 3 minutes to share my thoughts in this video.  

A baby was the last thing on Naomi's mind in early 2015. In fact, her biggest struggles on a day to day basis involved a battle with addictions that she found herself losing. But all that changed, with God's help, the love of people, and the care of the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre. She tells her story here, and introduces us to the daughter she almost never met.

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"We had a sense they would be here by Easter. The family was here by Easter, just not the one we were expecting."

Pastor Mike takes a few minutes with our Refugee Lead team members Jeremy Sanbrooks & Patty Lou Bryant to explain what has happened, and the plan moving forward.

Interested in volunteering to help with grocery shopping / driving / or language translation? Email

Tuesday, 26 April 2016 11:11

Worship Rap - Jesse Lee @ KGF Church

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"I’m done. Man, I forfeit.

A fortress overrun.

Where’s your crown, King Nothing?

Paint a portrait of love.

I was lost in the reflux

Opposite the Son.

Not the one that we orbit,

But whose blood overcomes."

A joy to have Jesse Lee share a rap (or slam poetry) as part of our worship experience at KGF. It's his story of finding Jesus and hope and freedom. So glad God is open to bringing healing out of brokenness in all of our lives. 

Monday, 18 April 2016 20:13

Thank You Kids Ministry Volunteers!

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We want to acknowledge the many incredible volunteers who serve in our KGF Kids Ministry. Each Sunday we have about 40 people serving in various capacities, from nursery to preschool, elementary, to support team. Overall, more than 100 people are committed to this amazing work that is impacting more than 300 kids from birth to age 11. 

If you serve in Kids Ministry in any capacity, we are inviting you to a special Taco Lunch on Sunday April 24th, 11:15am in the HUB.  Just email to let us know you're coming.  

Remember that scene in Toy Story where Buzz realized that he wasn't actually a Space Ranger, but just a toy? His friend Woody the Cowboy reminded Buzz that his true value lay in something much more significant.  Here's Pastor Mike with a beautiful reminder of what makes you significant. 

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It's time to register for Summer 2016 @ Gardom Lake Bible Camp. With 17 different weeks of camp for ages 6 to teenagers, there is a spot for everyone! Don't miss out. Here's the 3 minute promo video for 2016, and you can find out more online, 

Wednesday, 06 April 2016 22:01

"This I Believe - The Creed" KGF Worship Team

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“I believe in God our Father . . . I believe in Christ the Son.  I believe in the Holy Spirit . . . Our God is three in one.  I believe in the resurrection. . . That we will rise again.  For I believe in the name of Jesus.”

As part of our 10-week series, “We Believe”, we asked our KGF Worship Team to introduce this powerful song from Hillsong Australia, “This I Believe – The Creed”.  Look for it to be shared in coming Sundays, and stay up to date with the series online, 

Wednesday, 06 April 2016 21:58

Grade 6 Graduation into KGF Youth

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We took some time during a Sunday morning service to celebrate our grade 6's who are moving into our youth ministry. It was both moving and hilarious. Love seeing these young middle schoolers being raised up to follow God together. Join the Facebook group here - 

Tuesday, 05 April 2016 21:20

Celebrating 6 Baptisms - Easter Sunday @ KGF

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Jesus invites to repent and be baptized, to turn from our sin and turn to Christ. Baptism is such a powerful step of faith and obedience, and we celebrate as a church family whenever someone makes that declaration.
This video includes six baptisms from Easter Sunday 2016. Ron, Andrew, Hannah, Audrey, Young, Frank.

If you are interested in being baptized, drop us a note and we'd love to walk with you!