Advent - Time of Preparation

“What?”advent wreath

                  Advent, that’s what!

“What’s Advent”

                  Advent is a word that means “coming” or “arrival”.

“Do you know what’s coming?” “Do you know who’s coming?”

                  Advent is also a name. It’s the name given to the season just before Christmas. (That tells you what’s coming.)

                  Advent is also a time. It’s a time of waiting. It’s four weeks of waiting for Christmas to come. And Advent is a time to think about waiting. It’s time to remember how people thousands of years ago waited and waited and waited for Jesus to be born. (That tells you who’s coming.)

Many people use an Advent Wreath to help them wait. The candles on the wreath (one for each week and one for Christmas Day) help mark the passing of time. They also remind us that Jesus came to be the Light of the World. He came, and still comes, to light up our lives with his love.

Advent is also a time to think about why Jesus was born. It’s a time to remember ways we are unfaithful to God. Remembering our wrongdoings and short-comings, feeling sorry about them is called penitence. And the colour violet is a symbol of penitence. That’s why the candles on an Advent Wreath are often violet.

Because Jesus did come to forgive our sings, we can ask forgiveness and then begin a new and better life with his help. Green leaves, especially evergreens, are a good symbol for eternal life. That’s why Advent Wreaths are decorated with evergreens. The Wreath is circular, symbolizing the never-ending love of Jesus.

So that’s what Advent is – a time to wait for Christmas, for Jesus’ blessings, for new life with him.

And so let us pray: “Come, Lord Jesus, come. Come into our homes. Come into our hearts. Come into our lives with your love. Amen.”

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