Mark Your Calendars - KGF Congregational Meeting Sunday May 27th

Hello friends!  We wanted to make sure you were aware of a very important congregational meeting coming up with the KGF Church family on Sunday May 27th. We have three of these per year, and this one is a biggie!

Our membership will be voting on calling two pastoral candidates, Pam Grimm (Children’s) and Rolly Rangno (Worship). If you have not yet had the chance to get to know these fantastic individuals, please do so here on our website. They will also be present an hour before the meeting Sunday May 27 (6pm) in the Fireside Room to engage with you.

C2C twitterprofileAnother exciting item for discussion May 27th will be the opportunity for KGF to become a host church for an apprentice with C2C, our Mennonite Brethren Conference’s church planting movement. This amazing organization (please take a look at their website to get the big picture) is doing a fantastic job of equipping and supporting church planters for today’s world, and one of the key parts of their process is a 12 month apprentice with an existing church. Being a host church does not mean that we are commiting to be part of the church plant, either with people or dollars. It means we believe in what God is doing, and who God is doing it through, and are looking to be good soil for an apprentice to grow in advance of their church plant.

Monty Scott - bigMonty Scott is in that process, and the board at KGF is excited with what this could mean for him, our church, and the kingdom. Monty and his wife Denise have been coming to KGF for several months now, and he is a gifted and experienced pastor with a great heart for God. You can watch Monty’s message he preached in April during KGF’s “Faith Under Fire” series

I have made a 3 ½ minute video explaining this opportunity, and you can watch it here.

You can read the apprenticeship understanding document here:

During the apprenticeship period, the apprentice serves like an associate pastor, helping that church in every area of ministry. The apprenticeship functions like a “working interview” during which time the planter and the C2C network can determine a final decision on suitability to plant, timing for a launch, and discern God’s call for a specific geographic location.

The board has been in process with this for several months, and we see God’s hand on it in awesome ways, and are excited for what’s in store. We look forward to more conversation with you at the May 27 meeting.

Know that you are loved!

Pastor Mike Penninga

“Knowing Jesus & Making Him Known”

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