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IMG 1774Each Sunday we pose questions on the journey of faith, and today we asked you to define what worship is.  It came out of our Palm Sunday message "Rocks Cry Out", where Jesus says if his followers didn't praise him, the rocks would begin crying out his praises!  Wow, what a picture.  Here are some of your thoughts on the area of "worship".  Love them, encourage more in the "comment" section below.  

  • To worship is to have faith and obey
  • As a life style. Everything we say and do is an act of worship.
  • To honor God
  • Reverence for a God who saved me and that saving is continual.
  • To give all you are to the lord!
  • The character of your life
  • Praising God or giving God worth. Not that we can do that because nothing we can do could measure up to that. But we try. It chime through singing, giving tithes, and everyday loving.
  • A lifelong, daily, minute by minute, attitude of gratefulness and outward and inward demonstration of your love for Jesus. This can be demonstrative or quiet... Worship is the attitude of your heart played out.
  • Surrender and declaration of majesty
  • To consciously deliberately and whole heartedly give over our gift of free choice and follow God's Word - whether we like it or not - whether we will be judged by others or not. Worship requires proclamation!
  • In everything I do, adoring God.
  • A way of expressing adoration and love for my Jesus. It is unique for evey one of us.
  • I see worship as occurring in two ways. The first is bringing the very best of what WE have to him. Our talent, our skills, our passions, our resources. The second way is bringing to God what HE wants from us. This second style has little to nothing to do with us; has nothing to do with whether we want to, or like to.
  • To praise God and honor him.
  • When you understand that God has given you everything, even the breath you just took, that He alone is perfect and holy, that you are a tiny and finite being created by Him, that you are fallen and sinful, and that He has provided salvation for you at His own cost, your heart-wrenching, knee-bowing, awed, humbled, thankful, fearful, joy-filled, loud, tearful, whole-life response is WORSHIP!
  • Allowing God to have complete control of every aspect of our lives!
  • To let go of everything of this world and focus all of our mind soul and strength on the one who gives life.

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