Who's Driving? Who's Following?

TrafficI normally like driving. It’s a great leveler. The rules of the road apply to every driver, rich and poor, young and old, male and female, and every vehicle, from big truck to tiny beetle.

But I have a terrible memory of driving in circles around Kamloops. Although I was fairly familiar with the city layout, I got stuck on the wrong side of a gully, missed a bridge turnoff, came close to turning the wrong way down a one-way street, sat immobile at a railroad crossing, and arrived late and flustered at an important business meeting.

I have an altogether pleasant and relaxed memory of driving through New York City. No worries at all. I enjoyed the sights along the way. Over bridges, through tunnels and along freeways 18 lanes across, I arrived in a great mood, on time and on target.

The difference was night and day because in Kamloops I was on my own. In New York, I drove closely behind another car driven by my daughter who lived in the city and knew the route like the back of her hand. My challenge was simply to stay close.

Here’s the parallel with the complex journey of life. We can go it alone. Or we can follow Jesus, a trusted guide who knows the way. Better yet, who IS the way!

Our best life travel begins when we give the keys to Him. And enjoy the journey!

Theresa White

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