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Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Mountain Top Experience?”  We define a mountain top experience as something extra ordinary, extra special, that impacts us at a deep level.

But sometimes mountain top experiences can get a bad rap because they are somehow perceived to be “not real”.  People say you can’t live there. . . and that’s true, but I believe life on the mountain changes you in the valley.  Once you’ve seen life from that perspective, it changes everything that comes afterwards.

Throughout the Bible, God used mountain top to profoundly shape people.  In Part 10 of our series in the Gospel of Mark, “Jesus the King”, Pastor Mike draws our attention to a mountain top moment that would forever change those present, and us if we let it!

You know what’s safe?   Gathering public opinion.  You know what’s dangerous? Going out on a limb with your personal conviction.

Jesus’ first question was easy. “Who do people say I am?”  His second question was personal. . . . “Who do you say I am?”

Truth is, He has just presented you with life’s most important question. 

Here’s Pastor Mike with Part 9 of our series, “Jesus the King”, from the turning point chapter of the the Gospel of Mark. 

The last few weeks have given us an indication of what the new ‘normal’ is, and it’s not comfortable: increasing international unrest, open hostility on all sides of the political spectrum, and a rise in acts of ideologically motivated violence. All of this has many of us either throwing our hands up in confusion and frustration, or entrenching ourselves in fiercely held opinions about who is right and who is wrong.

However, amidst it all, we must remember that as Christians, we are neither called to walk away from the challenges of the world nor to defend our fiercely held ‘positions’ to the detriment of one another. Rather, we were made to reflect God’s character in all things (Ephesians 5.1), and to follow his wisdom (Proverbs!).  

Pastor Levi brings a message on accepting the call to lean into Jesus and his Kingdom, to gain the knowledge, put in the thought, walk alongside those in trial, and to give what effort is needed so that when hard choices need to be made, we can live up to our call to ‘be holy, as God is holy’ (1 Peter 1.15-16) and to carry on the ministry of reconciliation begun in Christ (2 Corinthians 5.19-20). In the days and weeks to come, let us not forget that we are called to a third way – the way of the cross – and whatever our political opinions may be, God rules in heaven and we are his children, called to his work.

What if what God wants to do through you begins with what He wants to do in you?  We find ourselves face to face with the only miracle (besides Jesus' resurrection itself) that is recorded in all four Gospels.  Why is the feeding of the 5,000 so important?  What does it teach about Jesus, and us?  Here's Pastor Mike Penninga with Part 7 of our series, "Jesus the King" in the Gospel of Mark.  

What if the crowd misses what the unashamed find?

In Part 6 of our Gospel of Mark series, “Jesus the King” we look at what it means to “Push Past the Curious”.  That may sound a bit aggressive for our ever so polite, apologetic Canadian culture.  But when it comes to our faith, it seems we can be content with just being one of the crowd.  What if the good stuff God wants for our lives is not on the periphery but in the center?  That’s where we’re going today, and I believe God is going to do some healing today in our midst!

Over the years, I've had opportunity to share about Jesus with lots of people, and it never ceases to amaze me their varied responses.  Some flatly refuse.  Others quickly respond, but then wilt away.  Still others seem to get side-tracked mid-way along the journey.  And another group goes on to accomplish much for the kingdom of God. There are lots of times I am frustrated that not everyone responds to the Gospel message with the same vigor and excitement. I want everyone to bear much fruit. But it doesn’t seem to be that way.

That’s what Jesus is talking about today.  Our receptiveness to the Gospel is represented by four types of soil.  The heart determines the harvest.  The key distinguishing factor of good soil, as we will discover today, is that it produces a harvest.  What type of spiritual fruit is being produced in your life?  Here's Pastor Mike with Part 5 of our series, "Jesus the King", the Parable of the Sower, the Seeds, & The Soil.  

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Vision 2017: Living "Unashamed"

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Sometimes the Lord places a word or a phrase on my heart that I believe is not just for me but for us as a Church Family.  That word that has been resonating with me is “Unashamed”.  What would it look like if we lived “unashamed” in 2017?  Here’s Vision 2017 with Pastor Mike Penninga

Pastor Levi helps us welcome in the New Year with an important message on the power of waiting as an "active" activity.  

“The Admonition of the New Testament is not simply ‘Pray’, but ‘Pray and Watch’ – Watch for the signs of Christ’s coming.”  Jürgen Moltmann

Looking back with Expectancy: “Where has Jesus been with me in my walk this past year?”

Looking forward with Expectancy: “How can you create space to watch and wait on God in this new year?”

Looking at one another with Expectancy: “What is Christ giving me through this person or through this group?”

Looking to Jesus, and Following Him: “How will your walk with Christ shape what you do and are involved with this year?”

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3 Screens - 3 Scenes: Christmas Eve Message

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Right next to the Sails in the very heart of our city you’ll see a life-size nativity display that the City has set up for years at that spot.  Whenever I drive or walk by this Christmas display, I have mixed emotions.  

On one hand I am grateful that the Nativity Story is still allowed to be presented in the heart of our City. But on the other hand I wonder if people view it as just a story, kind of like the ones you read in fairy tale books.  With angels and shepherds and wise men and animals and Mary, Joseph, and a cute baby.  And maybe it’s a story that we just pull out once a year and enjoy as part of our Christmas traditions before going on to more important things. 

But what if it’s more than a story.  That's a phrase I’ve been wrestling with this Christmas, “More Than A Story”.  We believe that Christmas is indeed more than a story. It’s bigger than a manger and a stable and a moment in time.

Here’s Pastor Mike with our Christmas Eve message from the Kelowna Community Theatre. 

“Sabbath is not a means for more productivity. . . it a restoration of our identity.”

In the midst of one of the busiest seasons of the year, Pastor Marcus draws is to the gift of rest, instituted by God, and practiced by Jesus.  If you are needing permission to slow down and enjoy all God has given you, then lean into this message.

Sometimes the thing we want is not really what we need.  And sometimes what brings us to Jesus is not the greatest gift He wants to give to us.  In Part 3 of our series, "Jesus the King" in the Gospel of Mark, Pastor Mike unpacks a story that is surprising, even shocking, but reveals how Jesus always knows our greatest need!  

Is your picture of Jesus too small?  In Part 2 of our extended journey through the Gospel of Mark, Pastor Mike shines the light on the King's Authority, and how it covers ALL things.  There is nothing that is not under His reign and His control.  And that's good news for us!

Our greatest need is to answer this question: Who will occupy the throne of my life?

Make no mistake, there is a throne, and we love to sit on it.  But the truth is we were made by a King and for the King.  And life makes most sense when He is sitting on the throne of our life.

"Jesus the King" is an extended journey through the Gospel of Mark, from Christmas 2016 to Easter 2017.  We encourage you to join us in person (8:30am, 10:15am, 6:00pm) or live online,  

Here's Pastor Mike Penninga with the introduction & Part 1, "Make Way For The King!"

We wrap up our 5 week series, "GREATEST" by hearing the faith journey of Devan Scollon, who is spending this year Interning in our Youth Department at KGF.  Devan shares why the GREATEST thing is authenticity in our walk with God.  

Compassion is Love in Action.  As we continue our series "GREATEST", we want to camp on the Great Commission, how the Gospel is for all the world.  It's not limited to a certain group, but is good news for all.  And that good news is lived out when God's love spills out.

Honored to have Bruce Piercey share this message on Shoebox Sunday.  Bruce has served for more than a decade with Samaritan's Purse Canada, currently as Regional Director of Euroasia.  More online, 

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